Mum ‘furious’ as stranger tells her crying son, 3, to ‘shut up’ while he was having a tantrum

12 September 2019, 14:51

A mum was furious when a shopper told her son to 'shut up'
A mum was furious when a shopper told her son to 'shut up'. Picture: Getty Images

Paula Moosa from Hull was shouted at by a woman in Primark while her son Charlie had a tantrum.

A mum was left shocked when a stranger told her crying son to "shut up" while he was crying.

Paula Moosa, 25, was shopping at Primark in her home town of Hull when her three-year-old son Charlie began to have a tantrum.

As she was trying to calm her little boy, the unnamed woman snapped and screamed at her son.

Speaking to Hull Live, she explained: “A woman, who was sat next to me, shouted 'for God sake, shut it up!'

“Then she said to me, 'Give it something to shut it up'.”

Mum-of-two Paula said she hit back at the woman out of anger, telling her "You shut up".

But the stranger then “got in her face” and told her to "f*** off" before flipping her middle finger up and storming off.

Bethan was in Primark when her son was screamed at
Bethan was in Primark when her son was screamed at. Picture: PA Images

Paula - who is also mum to a four-year-old son named Alfie - said Charlie was crying because he was overtired from his birthday party and she'd refused to buy him sweets while they were out shopping.

But the woman’s shouting stunned her youngest so much, that he actually stopped crying.

The furious mum said no one should tell her how to parent her children, as she added: "I think people should keep their opinions to themselves, everyone parents differently.

"Advice is always welcome and is always nice but when people tell you you're doing it wrong, that annoys me.

"He was just having an off-day because he was tired after his birthday party which was the day before."

This comes after another mum also hit out those who judge other people’s parenting skills.

Bethan Carter has 11 kids between the ages of three and 23 and lives off benefits from the state.

As well as caring for her family, Bethan struggles with severe epilepsy and memory loss due to a brain cyst and a malformation at the base of her brain.

Speaking about the criticism she's received, Bethan told Wales Online: "People judge me because I am on benefits, but unless you have a severely autistic child you can't know what it is like.

"I am happy with my family - I do not care what people say. They are happy and get the care they need.

"They are loved. I find it very rewarding to be a mum.

She added: "Being a mum of so many kids is hard but I love it - they are all so loving."