Mum divides opinion as she asks if it’s okay to give ‘extremely fussy’ 22-month-old pizza for breakfast

8 November 2019, 11:22

A woman has asked whether it's okay to feed her daughter pizza
A woman has asked whether it's okay to feed her daughter pizza. Picture: Facebook/Getty

A mum has been slammed after she asked whether it’s acceptable to feed her one-year-old pizza for breakfast.

Most parents know the struggle of trying to get their little ones to eat a variety of different foods.

But one woman from Aberdeen divided opinion when she pondered whether she could give her fussy toddler pizza in the morning.

The mum named Julia took to her Facebook page to seek advice from other parents, explaining she ‘didn’t want to say no’ when her daughter was asking for the takeaway.

Comparing it to cheese and tomato on toast, she wrote: "Is there any reason why I shouldn't give my 22-month-old pizza for breakfast if that's what she's asked for?

A mum from Aberdeen has asked if it's acceptable to feed her daughter pizza
A mum from Aberdeen has asked if it's acceptable to feed her daughter pizza. Picture: Facebook

"I know it isn't 'conventional' or a normal breakfast but if we were at a hotel buffet type breakfast and she picked up some toast, a grilled tomato and slices of cheese, that would be classed as normal and acceptable so what difference does it make in pizza format?

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"As that's all a plain pizza is, bread, tomatoes and cheese.

"I'm totally open to any suggestions as to why not, I just don't want to be saying no for the sake of it.

"She's an extremely fussy eater and to be asking for anything is progress to me!"

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Unsurprisingly, the post has divided opinion, with some parents slamming the mum for an “unhealthy” breakfast choice.

"I'd say no personally and offer other alternatives to choose from, but I don't let my little one have pizza or convenience/oven food so she doesn't know any different either,” said one.

While another commented: “Most commercial pizzas are fairly high in salt and "bad" fat and aren't always made from the best ingredients. If it was homemade I can't see an issue.”

And a third agreed: “Ours would be a re-heated takeaway pizza so I won't allow it, but only because of that. Not because it's pizza. I'd do pizza for breakfast if it was fresh.”

However, others insisted that it was fine to feed her pizza, claiming breakfast 'is a social construct'.

One said: "No issues in my opinion, give her the pizza.

"It's a society thing that suggests we must have toast and cereal for breakfast."

Another added: “Go for it, as you say it's all good ingredients. Who cares what time of day it is? Quite fancy pizza now!”

While a third said: “Fed is best - let her eat whatever she wants to eat (within reason) especially if she's a fussy eater.”