Mum presents son, 12, with 17 rules he HAS to stick to in exchange for a phone

5 March 2019, 13:04

Her son risks losing his phone if he doesn't abide by the contract
Her son risks losing his phone if he doesn't abide by the contract. Picture: Instagram

A mum has revealed a strict 'contract' she makes her son abide by in exchange for being able to have a mobile phone

A mum has shocked the internet by revealing she makes her 12-year-old son stick to a strict set of rules in order to be allowed a mobile phone.

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Mel Watts, who blogs under the name The Modern Mumma, revealed that if her son doesn't stick to the agreement, he'll be immediately banned from having a phone.

She shared the 'contract' on her blog, and it states: "As we promised, once you finished primary school you would be lent a phone.

"The rules are to be applied to this phone and signed by all parties.

"1. You acknowledge that if the phone is broken of lost, you are to replace it or fix it at your own cost. We have taken the responsibility to provide you with a top of the range screen protector and cover.

"2. Always answer your parents' calls. If you can't answer, message us, call us when you can. If no contact is made, then we will look for you.

"3. Data - once you go over your data you don't get any extra until your next top up... I've supplied the app where you can see how much data you have left.

"4. No mobile phones in rooms.

"5. Mobile phone is to be given to a parent before you go to bed - at both houses.

"6. Screen times apply. No messaging before 7.30am, some people actually sleep in - strange huh?!"

The strict rules her son must stick to in order to keep his phone
The strict rules her son must stick to in order to keep his phone. Picture: The Modern Mumma

"7. Follow the school's rules and policies for mobile phones.

"8. Do NOT take photos, movies of people who aren't aware. This includes strangers. Especially if someone asks you not to take an image.

"9. Do NOT upload anything on social media that you wouldn't like being uploaded about yourself or your sisters. Or you wouldn't want your grandmother or mother to see.

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"10. Don't troll people on social media, if you can't say it to their face don't write it - INSTANT SOCIAL MEDIA REMOVED.

"11. Passwords and account names - accessible at all times, regardless if you think differently. You change the password and we don't - IT'S GONE.

"12. If you delete and purposefully hide things on your phone, social media or emails, you'll lose your accounts.

"13. Remember what you write or say. Writing something can come across completely different to what someone may have meant.

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"14. What you post on social media is forever. It's there for everyone."15. If you are being bullied - show us. Don't hide it.

"16. Understand your sim card and use of our phone is a huge privilege. It's not something you need, so it's not a right.

"17. Any violence, issues that cause us to lose trust in you will result in a banned phone.

"There will be a strike system. If it's bold it's no strike you're out. Otherwise, three strike system.

"The contract will be amended once the child reaches 15 years old."


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