Mum's tense exchange with swim instructor goes viral and people are horrified

20 December 2018, 17:01

A tense exchange of words has gone viral between swim instructor and an angry mum
A tense exchange of words has gone viral between swim instructor and an angry mum. Picture: Getty

The single mum sent a tirade of angry messages to a woman who taught free swimming lessons to children.

A swimming coach who teaches young kids for free has shared a flurry of spiteful messages she received from a desperate mum demanding lessons for her youngster.

She uploaded the shocking exchange on Reddit, and wrote: "I teach swimming to kids for free even though I was offered money.

"[The mum] demands that I have to teach her son exclusively. And to give her the money offered as I don't need it."

What followed was a cruel exchange of words.

First, the woman relentlessly hassled for an answer, barely giving the swim coach time to reply.

Messages part 1
The messages started persistently but fairly inoffensive . Picture: Reddit
Messages part 2
It didn't take long for the mum to get more demanding. Picture: Reddit
Messages part 3
The mum wasn't happy with the lack of instant responses. Picture: Reddit

Then, despite explaining that she had already cancelled any swim sessions for the day and she wasn't up for teaching, the swim coach received even more demanding messages.

The mum refused to take no for an answer, and continued to demand that her son be taught privately due to anxiety issues.

Messages part 4
The woman started to turn rude. Picture: Reddit
An influx of messages became even more brash. Picture: Reddit

Not willing to give up, the mum continued to pester the swim coach, and even started threatening to throw her son in the pool and blame the coach if 'something happened to him'.

After failing to receive a response, the viscous mum turned personal, calling the coach 'lousy' and a 'nasty horrible person'.

Messages 6
After insulting the swim coach she persisted with more messages. Picture: Reddit
Messages 7
The final upload saw a rude and final response from the mum. Picture: Reddit

The exchange received over 7,000 comments from other Reddit users, with one writing: "Wow, I lost it when she was gonna throw the kid into the pool and then blame you if he drowns", whilst another posted: "She is rude!!"

Another commented: "what is wrong with people that they think this is acceptable?"

It is unclear whether the woman ended up teaching swimming lessons to the child in question.

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