Mums praise 'mind blowing' nappy changing hack which stops your baby from wiggling

16 April 2020, 10:04 | Updated: 29 April 2020, 09:55

A nappy changing hack has gone viral
A nappy changing hack has gone viral. Picture: Tik Tok @biestmodedrinksketones

A savvy mum has revealed her genius tip to stop her baby wriggling during nappy changing time.

Parents everywhere will know how difficult it can be to change your little one’s nappy. 

Whether they’re wriggling around, flapping their arms in the air, or tearing the new nappy off while you’re trying to secure it. 

But now one mum has revealed her simple hack for stopping her baby moving around during changing time. 

Sharing a video on Tik Tok, American mum Erin Bies posted her reaction to the onesie hack by fellow mum Norma Alejandre.

In the clip, Norma begins by pulling the bottom of her baby's onesie over their arms and buttoning it over their shoulder.

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She can be heard saying: "People, people, people. When you're changing your baby's dirty diaper, make sure you button the onesie from the back to the front with its hands inside so it won't be in the way.

"Trust me. Mum hack."

On the left hand side, you can see Erin's mouth open looking shocked, as she wrote alongside it: "Excuse me... where was this when my babies were in diapers?!"

She then shared the video to her Facebook page, adding: "Hey parents!! This is for you! I'M SO SHOOK RIGHT NOW."

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The genius video has now  been viewed over 515,000 times and received thousands of likes.

And Facebook users were also quick to comment, with one writing: "Cant believe I never thought of this, would have save so much mess!"

Another replied: "What is this magic??”, while a third added: "Well this woman is clearly a genius."

And a fourth simply wrote: “Mind blown!”

Meanwhile, another savvy social media user recently revealed how they managed to rid their kettle of limescale using just lemon juice.

A savvy woman revealed her kettle cleaning hack
A savvy woman revealed her kettle cleaning hack. Picture: Lauren Jones/Facebook

Sharing incredible before and after photos on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, Lauren Jones explained: "lemon juice, leave for one hour, add a small amount of water, boil and all the limescale starts to go."

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