Father's prank hailed 'genius' as he freezes sons' toys for a bit of peace and quiet

9 April 2020, 12:50

Duncan shared the hilarious video on Twitter
Duncan shared the hilarious video on Twitter. Picture: Twitter @GillespieDuncan

Duncan Gillespie's entertaining clip of his sons has gone viral on Twitter.

A dad has been hailed a hero after a hilarious video of him pranking his sons for a bit of silence during lockdown has gone viral.

Father Duncan Gillespie posted the short 20-second video on Twitter last Sunday, and it proves that dads will do anything to be able to sit down with a bacon sandwich in peace.

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In the clip, you see Mr Gillespie's two young sons playing in the garden with their little toys which are frozen in blocks of ice.

Their father has only given them a spoon to get the plastic toys out but they seem content with focusing on the task at hand and are hitting the blocks of ice, as well as comparing notes with each other on the best method.

Captioning the hilarious video, which has been liked 6.1k times and viewed one 180k times, Duncan wrote: "Just froze the kids toys in ice and gave them only spoons to free them.

"Time for a bacon sandwich and some coding".

One Twitter used was keen to know how long it entertained the boys for
One Twitter used was keen to know how long it entertained the boys for. Picture: Twitter

The clip has gone down a treat with fellow parents, who found the whole situation hilarious and said they'd be doing the same thing.

One even joked: "I tried this and now we have to replace the Nintendo Switch."

Another added: "This is something I have seen Zoos do to keep the monkeys entertained.

"Having said that, I cleaned out some space in the freezer immediately"