Parents outraged as primary school kids ‘told to fill out form if they want to use toilet’

20 May 2019, 12:02 | Updated: 21 May 2019, 10:45

Parents are reportedly outraged by a new set of rules brought in (Stock Image)
Parents are reportedly outraged by a new set of rules brought in (Stock Image). Picture: Getty
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

A new head mistress in Manchester has been accused of operating “Victorian” discipline.

Parents are reportedly fuming after their kids were told they have to fill out a “reflection” form when they need to go to the toilet during lesson time.

Following the arrival of a new headteacher at Norden Community Primary School in Rochdale, dozens of concerned mums and dads have reportedly signed a letter to governors voicing their worries about the changes.

According to The Mirror, the letter blasts the toilet policy as ‘bizarre’, claiming some of their children have only just learnt to control their bodily functions.

It reads: "It has been reported to parents that children are being denied toilet breaks in lessons, or if they appear really desperate and have gone anyway, they have to fill in a reflection sheet.

Norden Community Primary School have defended their new headteacher
Norden Community Primary School have defended their new headteacher. Picture: Getty

"Why stigmatise children with having to fill in a reflection sheet about a bodily function some children are only just learning to control?"

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Elsewhere in the letter, the school has also been accused of using “Victorian” discipline with the introduction of “fantastic walking” which sees kids stroll around the grounds with their hands behind their backs.

They said: “Asking children to walk with their hands behind their backs represents a significant risk to their health and safety.

“Children are not fully co-ordinated and use their hands and arms to balance.”

Another parent added "all the fun has gone out of school" following the strict rules.

School governors have since defended Ms Bentham, saying they would respond to complaints if they were made through the right channels, but felt the headteacher was “committed to working with the parents to provide the best quality of education”.

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They said: “The letter publicly makes a number of allegations about the integrity and conduct of our headteacher, allegations that could potentially result in further action being taken against individual parents/carers.”

A spokeswoman for Rochdale Council has also told the publication: “We are aware of the issues parents have raised and we are dealing with them via appropriate channels and procedures.” has reached out to Norden Community Primary School for comment.