Primary School recruits nappy changer because children aren’t toilet trained

10 April 2019, 11:11 | Updated: 10 April 2019, 11:17

Children in Walsall are being sent to school not knowing how to use the toilet
Children in Walsall are being sent to school not knowing how to use the toilet. Picture: Pixabay
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

A Walsall infant school has has to employ a full-time nappy changer as parents don't prioritise their children's readiness

A primary school in the Midlands has had to employ someone to change the children's nappies as they haven't been starting school toilet trained, says a local Councillor.

Chris Towe, the portfolio holder for education for the borough of Walsall has spoken out about the "massive issue" of five-year-olds starting school with no concept of basic skills.

Children as old as five are still wearing nappies
Children as old as five are still wearing nappies. Picture: Pixabay

He called the widespread problem "unacceptable" and it came to light after he'd spoken to the head teachers of 80 different primary schools in the area.

The schools reported that some of the students could not communicate properly, hold a pencil in the right way and didn't know how to use cutlery when eating.

It's been treated very seriously as Mr Towe has admitted to the BBC he was shocked to discover that parents aren't prioritising their children's basic skill development and are instead relying on teachers to do so.

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He added: "If they haven't got basic skills, how can they be educated?

"This cannot go on. If it doesn't stop it is going to get even worse."

The head teachers also admitted that they believe that a number of children are around two to three years behind where they should be in terms of their development.

A report to the full council this Monday (April 8), Councillor Towe revealed that letters will be sent out to all parents informing them of the lack of basic skills shown and what should be expected of them as parents to teach their children before they start school.