'My wife wants to give our twins matching names - but I refuse!’

29 November 2021, 12:21

A man has fumed at his wife's choice of name
A man has fumed at his wife's choice of name. Picture: Getty Images
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One man is facing a family drama after his wife suggested calling their unborn twins the same name.

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A new dad has been left furious after his wife insisted on giving their unborn twins matching names.

The 33-year-old man took to Reddit to ask for advice after claiming his partner was set on giving their babies the same moniker.

"I am a future parent to two twin boys,” he said.

“My wife and I have recently been deciding names for our twins and my wife wants them to be matching.

A man has asked for some advice about his unborn twins
A man has asked for some advice about his unborn twins. Picture: Alamy

"I said I don’t like the idea, I have a twin sister who I matched everything with and it got so annoying to me."

The anonymous user continued that this has caused arguments in his family as his mother in law has taken his wife’s side, but his twin sister has sided with him.

He added: “She says it’s cute, but I told her for the sake of our kids let’s not do the matching name thing and only make them match on things they BOTH want.

“My wife disagrees and my MIL is saying I should, but my sister is agreeing with me.”

Should twins be given the same name?
Should twins be given the same name? Picture: Alamy

After asking for the internet’s opinion on the matter, it’s fair to say everyone was on the new dad’s side.

“I have twin friends with matching name they both look same too and they hate each other’s name,” said one person.

Someone else wrote: It might be cute but your twins are still individuals too. It amazes me how many twin parents seem to lose sight of this.

“I have twins, their names don’t match and neither do their clothes, unless they want them to.

“Time to remind your wife your twins are individuals just like you and your sister are.”

A third said: "My sister and I have extremely similar names and we aren't even twins.

"It's annoying because our parents can't even get it right and it's been a decade and a half since we were born."

A fourth person wrote: “Twin here and agree.

“The BEST thing my mother ever did was allow/encourage us to be our own separate people and that started with our names.

“Wife can use matching nicknames if she wants.”