Dog owner fined £600 for failing to have his pet microchipped

12 November 2021, 12:31 | Updated: 12 November 2021, 13:19

A man has been fined for breaking a dog walking rule
A man has been fined for breaking a dog walking rule. Picture: Alamy

A man was faced with a hefty fine after he didn't get his dog microchipped before taking him out in public.

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A dog owner was fined almost £600 for breaking one major rule on his dog walk.

Joel Maguire found himself with a £594 bill for failing to get his dog microchipped and ensure it was wearing its collar and tag in public.

The pup was spotted straying away from its owner and handed to the council, who found it was not wearing a collar or tag, West Lancashire Borough Council reports.

You should get your dog microchipped
You should get your dog microchipped. Picture: Alamy

Maguire then picked up his pooch from the kennels and was asked to provide documentation that he had microchipped it.

According to the Liverpool Echo, he failed to comply and was prosecuted for this offence, as well as not ensuring the animal was wearing a collar and a tag in public.

West Lancashire Borough Council stated that Maguire didn’t attend the hearing at Wigan Magistrates Court and was fined £200, plus £360 costs and a £34 victim surcharge.

What is the law on microchipping your pet?

From April 2016, it was made compulsory in the UK for owners to ensure their dog is microchipped.

It is illegal to take your dog out in public without a collar
It is illegal to take your dog out in public without a collar. Picture: Alamy

If your dog isn't microchipped and registered on an approved database, then you could be served with a notice ordering you to do so.

You will then have 21 days to do this or you could face a £500 fine and criminal prosecution.

If your contact details change and aren’t updated on the database, then you could also be liable to pay a £500 fine.

Some dogs may be exempt from microchipping for health reasons.

Local vets usually microchip dogs for around £15, while some charities will offer it for free.

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When the law came into force, Minister George Eustice said: “Every responsible dog owner wants to know their pet is safe.

“Microchipping will not only reunite people with their lost or stolen pets, but also help to tackle the growing problem of strays roaming the streets and relieve the burden placed on animal charities and local authorities.

“We are a nation of dog lovers and microchipping is crucial for both good dog welfare and to provide dog owners with peace of mind.”

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