Poundland launches new £3.50 bra range that goes up to a 40E

12 September 2019, 09:00 | Updated: 12 September 2019, 09:05

Poundland are selling a brand new range of larger bras
Poundland are selling a brand new range of larger bras. Picture: PA Images/Poundland
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Poundland has launched their new range of bigger sized bras for a fraction of retail prices.

It’s now been revealed that highstreet store Poundland have launched a brand new range of bras up to a size 40E with prices starting at just £3.50.

While many huge retailers are known to charge more for larger bra sizes, Poundland’s fashion brand Pep&Co have said they’re determined to break this 'unfair' trend and make every woman ‘look and feel great’ at no extra cost. 

The collection includes 15 new lines in a wide range of styles including leopard print, lace-trimmed and a rainbow of colours. 

Prices start at just £3.50 for a bra and £2 for knickers and the sizes range from a 34B to a 40E. 

Leopard bra by Pep&Co at Poundland
Leopard bra by Pep&Co at Poundland. Picture: Pep&Co at Poundland
Light blue bra at Pep&Co at Poundland
Light blue bra at Pep&Co at Poundland. Picture: Pep&Co at Poundland

Announcing the news in the best way, the budget retailer staged a very cheeky stunt aimed at Costa Coffee this morning. 

The coffee shop recently hit the headlines when it changed the size of their cups, but charged customers even more for them

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Poking fun at the increase, Poundland’s brave lingerie models stormed one shop in central London while waving placards which read: ‘Why pay more for bigger cups!’  

Speaking about the exciting new line a Lingerie Buyer at PEP&CO said: “Our big cups costa the same as our little cups. PEP&CO’s prices are unlikely to bust any wallets. Our inclusive pricing means customers of all sizes can look and feel great. 

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“We’re so excited to launch our new bra collection and certainly won’t be charging more for larger cups….unlike some retailers.”

This comes after Poundland released a range of engagement rings for all the people who can't afford an expensive ring.

The "Bling Rings" by Poundland consist of four rings; three silver coloured rings with a faux diamond, faux ruby and faux topaz stone, and one gold coloured ring option.

People are buying the rings to give to their partners as a "placeholder" item until they have the money to propose with a more expensive ring.