Primark announces click-and-collect service in major store shake-up

20 June 2022, 11:26 | Updated: 20 June 2022, 11:33

Primark will be trialling a click-and-collect service
Primark will be trialling a click-and-collect service. Picture: Getty

Primark has announced that it will be trialling a click-and-collect service in its stores.

Fans of Primark will be delighted to learn that the shop is introducing a click-and-collect service in more than two dozen stores in the coming weeks.

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The service, which will start off as a trial, will feature over 2,000 children's products and be available at 25 shops in the North West of England.

Primark launched a website for the first time back in April, but it only allowed shoppers to browse products, rather than buying them.

The service will be trialled later this year
The service will be trialled later this year. Picture: Getty

The business has said that the service will allow those who live near smaller Primarks to be able to access a wider range of products.

As reported by The Sun, parent company AB Foods said: "Our average-size stores are only able to stock a limited range and for these customers the number of options available to them will broadly double, increasing even more for customers of our small stores.

"This trial will enable us to provide more fashion, licence and lifestyle products to more customers and more often."

Primark have said that the 25 stores in the northwest will be included in the trial "towards the end of the year", and the full list of shops will be announced soon.

Paul Marchant, chief executive at Primark, said the trial was a "milestone" for the business, adding: "We’ve chosen to trial the new service in a region where we have a wide range of stores of different sizes and formats and we can’t wait to see the customer response.”