'Real-life Rapunzel' shows off two-metre-long hair in incredible Disney shoot

15 July 2021, 16:26

Her hair is absolutely incredible
Her hair is absolutely incredible. Picture: Jam Press

Alena Kravchenko from Odessa, Ukraine, has hair that measures a whopping two metres in length.

A woman with two-metre-long hair has done an incredible Rapunzel-inspired photoshoot, where she is the spitting image of the character.

Alena Kravchenko, 35, from Odessa, Ukraine, started growing her hair long aged five, and earned the nickname Rapunzel for her incredible tresses.

She washes her hair once a week, which takes an hour each time, and she uses natural and professional hair products to control frizz.  

Alena combs her hair twice a day, and also trims the ends every six months to keep it healthy.

She starred in a magical Disney-inspired photoshoot at a castle
She starred in a magical Disney-inspired photoshoot at a castle. Picture: Jam Press

Speaking to Jam Press about her recent photoshoot, Alena said: "I love Rapunzel.

"Every young girl has a dream of and I am no exception.  

"I dream to star in the film Rapunzel because the length and colour of my hair is very close to the image of a fictional character.  

"And while this is just a dream, one of the photographers from Ukraine suggested that the plot of the cartoon be conveyed as much as possible in beautiful and colourful photographs."

The photoshoot took several months to prepare, as Alena wanted to ensure that her looks were perfect before the big day.

Alena washes her hair once a week
Alena washes her hair once a week. Picture: Jam Press

She continued: The preparations for the photoshoot went on for several months to choose the right and suitable locations, sewing the outfits and purchasing the necessary requisites, including the unusual hairstyle-braid with flowers.  

"To make the image look as similar as possible to Rapunzel, I wanted to think over everything to the smallest detail.  

"The shoot took place in my hometown and all the locations were selected very perfectly.  

"I hired a photographer from another city to take the fabulous photos that I am now ready to show the world how the well-known cartoon Rapunzel looks like."

You can follow Alena on Instagram @alona__kravchenko.