Sue Radford shares beautiful video of her 21 kids meeting the new baby for the first time

14 July 2021, 14:39 | Updated: 24 February 2023, 09:42

Members of Britain's biggest family meet the newest addition

Mum-of-22 Sue Radford has shared the special moment her kids met baby Heidie for the first time.

Sue Radford has shared a beautiful video of the moment that her 21 kids met baby Heidie when she was born in April of last year.

The 46-year-old, who is mum to 22 children and part of Britain's biggest family, posted a video named “The Story of Heidie” to her YouTube channel, which offered behind-the-scenes clips of the arrival of her youngest child.

Sue's husband Noel, 50, was filmed in the car saying: "She is going to be cuddled so much today, they are all going to want to take turns.

"They are just lined up on the sofa and they’ll all want to take a turn, bless them."

Sue then added: "The kids are so excited to meet her. She is the most chilled ever."

The video showed the kids meeting Heidie for the first time
The video showed the kids meeting Heidie for the first time. Picture: The Radford Family/YouTube

The adorable video shows the kids excitedly meeting their baby sister, with each sibling taking it in turns to hold her.

Heidie was born in April 2020
Heidie was born in April 2020. Picture: The Radford Family/YouTube

Sue revealed that she made a treasure hunt for the kids so that they could find letters spelling out her name.

Sue and Noel are parents to Chris, 32, Sophie, 27, Chloe, 25, Jack, 24, Daniel, 22, Luke, 20, Millie, 19, Katie, 18, James, 17, Ellie, 16, Aimee, 15, Josh, 14, Max, 12, Tillie, 11, Oscar, nine, Casper, eight, Hallie, six, Phoebe, four, Archie, three, Bonnie, two, and Heidie, one.

Tragically, the couple's 17th child, a son called Alfie, was stillborn in 2014.

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