School faces major backlash after demanding children's face masks have to match uniforms

29 July 2020, 11:38 | Updated: 29 July 2020, 14:32

Children won't be allowed to wear any mask they want
Children won't be allowed to wear any mask they want. Picture: Getty
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The newly-introduced rule that face coverings much match the colour of school uniforms has been slammed by parents.

A school in Australia have come under fire after introducing a new rule that its pupils must only wear face masks which match the colour of their uniforms.

The new policy has been slammed by the school's parents, who have called the new demand "ridiculous", as private schools in Melbourne introduce the fashion element to a simple COVID-19 precaution.

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Masks will have to match the uniforms
Masks will have to match the uniforms. Picture: Getty

Mandatory requirements for masks are in place to prevent the spread of the virus but a few schools have taken it a bit far, according to parents.

Lighthouse Christian College in Keysborough, in the south-east of Melbourne have said pupils must wear masks in specific colours which match the school uniforms.

9News revealed that the school even sent out a video explaining this which explained the new rules.

The guidelines state pupils must wear masks which are a "standard solid colour" - so either black, blue, white or grey - and they must not have any designs or patterns on them.

As well as this, a ban has been placed on alternatives to face coverings such as scarves and bandanas, and students must wear masks.

Pupils have been told they can pick up a face mask which conforms to the strict rules from the reception at the school if they do not have one which follows their criteria.

The policy states: "Face masks must be worn to and from school and while on site."

The video was posted on YouTube but has since been deleted.

The school's principal, Ms Avril Howard has stated the institution has "standards and protocols in regards to the wearing of masks".

However, parents in the community are not happy with the new rules, slamming their mask policy as "ridiculous".

The rules have been slammed
The rules have been slammed. Picture: Getty

They argued the fact masks are often hard to come by in any colour, let alone specific colours.

As well as Lighthouse Christian College, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar in Essendon, has also applied the same rules.

It is reported that a company which supplies uniform the school has made up some "earslbrae blue" masks especially for them.