We've Found The BEST Supermarket Firework Deals To Get More Bang For Your Buck!

Best Value Fireworks Canvas

Planning a grand firework display of your own this year? Here's the best value deals on the market as well as some important info about staying safe on bonfire night!

The bright side to all this cold weather is that firework night is just around the corner!

There's nothing quite like wrapping up warm and heading down to a firework display with friends and family armed with sparklers.

But for those lucky folk with big gardens, putting on your own firework display is JUST as fun but can cost a pretty penny.

So here are the best value fireworks in the supermarkets at the moment...


For at home firework novices, ASDA's offering is perfect for getting you started and is amazingly cheap.
ASDA Fireworks
Each set is £7 to buy and the Garden Delights box includes everything from roman candles to catherine wheels! 
But if you're looking for some sky high effects, to buy the rockets are just the ticket and both sets can be purchased for a mere £10 - bargain!
The above products can be purchased in store.



For amazingly simple value for money Aldi's Power Finale (below) and Power Storm are lit with one match and the latter fires up to 100 shots!
ALDI Firework
The Power Finale costs £19.99 and bursts a display of amazing colours and the £9.99 power storm shoots fireworks up to FIFTY feet high!
That's an easy way to impress your friends and family!


If you're looking to trump you're neighbours firework displays, then Tesco's carnival pack is the perfect and most affordable option!
Tesco Carnival Pack Fireworks
Don't scour the shelves for individual fireworks to build your display as Tesco's pack offers it ALL.  
The box includes 24 pieces including roman candles, sparklers and Catherine wheels all for the reasonable price of £50!
Can be bought in store or online.


Morrison have LOADS of fancy firework options to choose from, catering for both novices and those who throw firework parties every year!
Morrison's Fireworks
As well as selling some big bangs, they offer plenty of cheap thrills such as the above that make for a simple bit of excitement in the back garden rather than option for the bigger rockets!
And their sparklers are some of the cheapest around - fireworks night just wouldn't be compete without them!

Can't tell a roman candle from a Catherine wheel? We're here to help!


This is a dramatic and spectacular but short lived firework.  Also known as 'pot á feu', the mine shoots coloured stars into the sky with flashes and bangs. Mines are generally the loudest of all fireworks, with noise levels sometimes reaching as high as 120 decibels.


Cakes are a group of fireworks that can be set off one immediately after the other for incredible effect and a customised display in one small package. They generally consist of Rockets, Roman Candles or a mix of both. 


Barrage fireworks are pre-ready Cakes that contain a mixture of firework types to create their own unique effect. People running their own displays can buy  several Barrages and simply let them off one at a time for a pre-prepared fireworks extravaganza.


The most common and exciting firework the Rocket can climb to an incredible  height. Depending on the type of rocket used, some can reach 30 - 60 metres before exploding with a loud bang. 

Roman Candle

Roman Candles can spit out stars in just a single colour or a variety of colours. A number of noise effects are available for these fireworks, including hummers and crackles.

Fountains are a brilliant great option if you want a  beautiful visual but without the loud and often surprising sound effects, such as bangs and whistles. Fountains once lit release a shower of sparks. 

Catherine Wheel
Catherine Wheels get their name from St. Catherine who, according to legend, was to be martyred upon a spinning wheel. The noise effects associated with Catherine Wheels include crackles and whistles, which can be heard as the coil spins. 

Staying safe on Bonfire Night

It may seem like all fun and games but fire departments across the company urge you to stay safe around the 5th November.

Follow the official safety code... 

• It is illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under 18

• Ensure that all children are supervised

• Read the instructions carefully, using a torch or hand lamp NEVER use a naked flame

• Light fireworks at arms length using a taper or a firework lighter

• Stand well back and NEVER return to a firework after it has been lit, it could explode in your face

• Keep fireworks in a sealed box or tin

• Use them one at a time, replacing the lid immediately

• NEVER throw fireworks

• NEVER put fireworks in your pocket

• Take care with sparklers, wear gloves to hold them and dispose of sparklers in a bucket of water as soon as they are finished

• NEVER give sparklers to a child under 5

• Keep all pets and animals indoors

• Don’t drink alcohol if setting off fireworks

• Only buy fireworks marked BS7114 or BSEN 15947

 And one last thing...remember remember the 5th of November!