Mum devastated as daughter asks to change her 'old fashioned' name

22 November 2018, 12:49

Many have voiced their support of her daughter's decision to take control of her name
Many have voiced their support of her daughter's decision to take control of her name. Picture: Getty

Should children have the right to decide whether to legally change their name?

A mum has opened up about her heartbreak over her daughter's desire to change her 'too old-fashioned' name.

Taking to Mumsnet to share her upset, the anonymous parent revealed that her 13-year-old wants to legally adopt a more 'modern' moniker.

She wrote that has daughter has "recently been saying she wants to change her first name" because her current name sounds like an "old lady" name.

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The mum went on to reveal that her daughter's name is Rose, but that the teenager would prefer to be called 'Ava or Evie'.

She continued: “I’m heartbroken as it is a name we picked for her because we loved it. We can’t really shorten her name and we’ve never used the associated nickname. I just can’t get my head around calling her something else. Am I being unreasonable to keep calling her by her name?"

Children can't legally change their name themselves until they are 16, and the post has opened up a debate about whether or not kids should be able to choose what they are known as.

Many Mumsnet users sided with the daughter, with one writing: "I could see why you would be upset, but it's her name and her opinion is equally valid. The middle name suggestion sounds like a good way around it. I’m sure she would understand if you still called her by her first name."

Many users urged the mum to support her daughter's decision
Many users urged the mum to support her daughter's decision. Picture: Getty

Another added: "I think you have to suck it up really. Chances are it's a phase she will get over, but I would imagine the best way to get her to change it is to make her feel you are controlling her."

However, others rushed to the mum's defence, with one saying: "Rose is a gorgeous name. I'd follow the parenting path of smiling and nodding. Let her friends call her Evie if she wants."

Another wrote: "I really do think it's a typical teen rebellion. If she feels the same way at 16 she can change it officially but I bet she won't."

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