Teacher writes adorable letter to tooth fairy after student's tooth is accidentally thrown away

10 June 2019, 10:56 | Updated: 10 June 2019, 10:58

Parents were quick to praise the teacher for her sweet gesture
Parents were quick to praise the teacher for her sweet gesture. Picture: Getty/Reddit

A teacher wrote a letter confirming that her student had lost her tooth at school that day

A teacher has revealed that she wrote a letter to the tooth fairy after one of her students became distraught when her lost tooth was accidentally thrown away at school.

The teacher, known only as Mrs Roth, wrote the letter to confirm that the pupil, named Lily, had indeed lost her tooth in the classroom that day so she would get money left under her pillow.

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She then posted the letter to Reddit, much to the delight of hundreds of parents who were impressed by the sweet gesture.

Mrs Roth wrote: "Dear Tooth Fairy, I can confirm with full confidence and authority that Lily lost her tooth at school today.

A picture of the sweet letter was posted to Reddit
A picture of the sweet letter was posted to Reddit. Picture: Reddit

"In the excitement and chaos of lunch time, it was tragically thrown away by accident.

"We will ask Mr. Fred to keep an eye out for it, but we're pretty sure he won't find it. Please take this note as proof of tooth loss.

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"If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time!

"I hope you are doing well!"

Many mums were quick to offer their praise to the teacher, with one writing: "This is the kind of sweet, considerate teacher every student needs at least once in his or her schooling adventure."

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Another added: "Mrs Roth is a great example of teachers going above and beyond their duties. How adorable."

A third wrote: "This is so sweet, it gave me a cavity. Now I need the Tooth Fairy!"

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