Furious mum reveals teacher threw out her child's lunchbox treat because it's 'not fair' on classmates

23 May 2019, 12:10 | Updated: 23 May 2019, 12:22

One child's lunchtime treat was thrown away
One child's lunchtime treat was thrown away. Picture: Getty
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

The outraged mum sparked a fierce debate on Facebook when she explained what happened.

One mum was left outraged when her child's lunchbox treat was thrown out by a teacher.

The woman from Queensland, Australia took to a budgeting group on Facebook to vent her fury, asking other members if they thought it was appropriate.

According to the Daily Mail, she penned: “Do you think it's okay for a teacher to throw away an item of your child's lunch that you packed just because it's a ‘sweet’ and the teacher believes it's not fair as not every other child has a sweet?”

One mum was outraged by a note she found in her child's lunchbox
One mum was outraged by a note she found in her child's lunchbox. Picture: Getty

She then added: “When I say sweet I mean anything like a chocolate biscuit, chocolate coated muesli bar, cake, chocolate mousse etc. Regardless of whether it's fat, sugar reduced or not.”

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And the Facebook group soon attracted a string of responses from other parents with strong opinions on the subject.

“It’s never okay to throw it out!,” one replied, before adding: “What a horrible experience for a child; they cross a line when they shame a child like that.”

Others agreed it was ‘shaming’ for the child involved, with a second mum adding: “This is not how we teach nutrition; I hate the way lunchboxes are policed now. Demonising food groups; embarrassing children.”

A third wrote: “No. You paid for that. If the teacher is not happy, then by all means she can hold onto it and let you know why she took it.”

Many others urged the woman to make a complaint to the school while another suggested the she put a note to the teacher in the lunchbox next time.

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This comes just a few weeks another mother in Australia received a note from school asking that she stop making her son homemade biscuits "unless there's enough for everyone in class."

Sharing her frustration online, she posted a picture of a handwritten message written by a teacher which said: "Dear Mummy, can you please avoid sending cookies unless there is enough for everyone

"It's difficult for the other children when one has treats. Thank you."

A woman was told not to send her child in with homemade cookies
A woman was told not to send her child in with homemade cookies. Picture: Getty

Along with the photos, the mum wrote: "I got this note sent home in my son's lunchbox because he had homemade biscuits in his lunchbox.

"I was horrified but didn't lose sleep over it, I figured I'd talk to the teacher the next day and see what she meant.

"She said it was 'policy that homemade goods aren't encouraged unless there was enough to share with everyone."

The mum added: “She just kept saying it was policy and that the parent committee runs the policies so I'd need to take it up with them.”