A £250m indoor waterpark with slides, swim-up bars and more is coming to the UK

9 March 2020, 12:23

The amazing spa will open in Manchester
The amazing spa will open in Manchester. Picture: Therme Manchester

The Manchester-based waterpark will cost a hefty amount but will undoubtedly be incredibly popular as soon as its doors open to the public.

An exciting new project will soon be built in the UK, which is a gigantic indoor waterpark complete with all of the bells and whistles we could ask for.

Therme Manchester's plans have been confirmed by the council, and the fancy-looking spa and waterpark will cost a whopping quarter of a billion pounds to built.

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The massive 28-acre site - the size of 19 football pitches - is dubbed as the first "well-being-resort" in the country, however it has a whole lot more than just classy relaxation areas.

Inside the family zone there will be a whole host of things to do, such as swimming pools, including a wave pool, as well as water slides and water fitness classes.

Guests will also be able to relax in the palm tree relaxation area, or the two acre "well-being garden" shaped like a rose with bio-diverse plants and some fancy water features.

It's expected to cost £250m
It's expected to cost £250m. Picture: Therme

Adults can enjoy time away from kids with a no-child section, which will have water lagoons, mineral bars, swim up bars, steam room and saunas.

Fitness fanatics can take advantage of the health classes such as yoga and pilates and visitors also won't be short of something to eat as of course, multiple restaurants and cafes will be within the complex.

This new resort's aim is to "bring together the tradition of the ancient Roman spa with an indoor tropical paradise".

It'll be seriously luxurious
It'll be seriously luxurious. Picture: Therme

Their huge three-story resort is going to be replacing the EventCity building in Manchester, and it's aimed to open its doors in 2023 - still a little while away.

The company behind the project expect it to attract a whopping two million people every year, but prices for entry haven't been revealed yet.