UK weather: Britain to be ‘hotter than Benidorm’ next week with 26C heatwave

12 June 2020, 10:16 | Updated: 12 June 2020, 10:23

This weekend will be hot in the UK
This weekend will be hot in the UK. Picture: Getty Images/PA Images

The weather forecast in the UK is looking a lot better next week.

After a miserable week, the UK is set to heat up again as a mini-heatwave makes it’s way across the country.

On Sunday, the temperature will soar to 24C in the south east, before creeping even higher as we head into the next few days.

According to Netweather, the mercury could even hit 26C on Wednesday, making the UK hotter than the Spanish region of Benidorm.

Netweather said: "It will remain warm and humid through the weekend, as we import very warm and moist air from the near continent.

The UK will see temperatures rise again
The UK will see temperatures rise again. Picture: PA Images

"This and sunny spells will be the fuel for further heavy and thundery (spells) to develop on Saturday, especially across Wales and southern England, many places staying dry and sunny though.

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“Further showers possible again on Sunday, mostly in the west, where they could be heavy locally, but many places staying dry and sunny.

“Temperatures both days will reach 17-20C across Scotland, Northern Ireland and NE England, further south will reach 19-24C."

Unfortunately, there is still some rain heading our way before the hot weather kicks in, as the Met Office forecast for today is breezy with showers for parts of England and Wales.

The Met Office Explain Exactly What A UK Heatwave Is

Some more persistent and heavier rain will arrive in the east later in the day, while Northern Ireland and Scotland mostly stay dry.

For today, the Met Office writes: "Rain, often heavy, affecting northern England, moving into southern and eastern Scotland.

"Some spells of sunshine elsewhere, but showers and also longer spells of rain in the south. Warmer, but cool under persistent low cloud near some North Sea coasts."

Tonight, showers and also some longer spells of rain will move north while there is risk of thunder in the south and east.

As we head into Saturday, the Met Office adds: "Most places have some warm and sunny spells, but also some heavy showers around, particularly in the north and west. Cooler, dull and misty near some North Sea coasts."

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