UK weather: Temperatures to soar as summer finally returns

4 September 2020, 10:10 | Updated: 7 September 2020, 09:50

The summer weather is back for September
The summer weather is back for September. Picture: Getty Images

The Met Office has predicted the sun will return for many parts of the UK.

After two weeks of wet weather, most of us are ready to put away our shorts and dig out the autumn wardrobe.

But now it looks like we could be getting one final burst of sunshine, as temperatures could reach 25C next week.

According to the Met Office, a Tropical Maritime air is being drawn across the UK which will heat up the south east of England on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A spokesperson said: "It is likely to turn warm in the south-east of England where temperatures will rise into the low 20Cs, perhaps mid-20Cs in one or two spots.

Temperatures could reach the mid twenties next week
Temperatures could reach the mid twenties next week. Picture: PA Images

"At present, this is not expected to fit the criteria for a heatwave, however, as this requires temperatures of 27C or higher in the south-east for at least three consecutive days."

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While this warmer Atlantic air will sweep across the country from the west, the Met Office also warned that there will still be patches of cloud and rain ‘as the jet stream remains over the UK.’

The Met Office's long range weather report states: "Likely to see mostly settled conditions from the west through the early part of next week with sunny spells, whilst a few showers may be seen mainly in the north.

"Temperatures generally near normal throughout the period, perhaps just above normal for a time when the rain moves in midweek."

If the UK has days of consistently warm temperatures which are above average, it is known as an Indian Summer.

This describes a period of unusually warm weather, typically in September, October and November.

Meanwhile, it is set to be a dry weekend for much of the UK, however things will be feeling slightly cooler and there could be some scattered showers.

Due to high pressure in the west of the UK, Northern Scotland and Northern Ireland will see most of the rain.

On Saturday, temperatures could only reach 11C in some places, while Sunday will also see showers push their way into England and Wales.

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