Wedding horror as guest accidentally 'soils himself’ and the bride blames him for ‘ruining the whole day’

2 August 2019, 12:49 | Updated: 2 August 2019, 14:17

The bride said he 'ruined the wedding' (stock images)
The bride said he 'ruined the wedding' (stock images). Picture: Getty

The groom was horrified when his brother had an accident at his fancy beach wedding

Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

We're all guilty of having one too many Proseccos and embarrassing ourselves at a wedding, but have you ever accidentally soiled yourself during the ceremony of your brother's expensive beach wedding? Probably not.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for one man from Reddit.

Relaying the sad tale to the site, the unnamed man said that he was beginning to "feel rather unwell" and got painful stomach cramps during the ceremony.

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He added: "This is when I realised I needed to s***. Not a big deal, I can hold a s*** in."

The man was bombarded with furious messages from his new sister-in-law and her family after it happened
The man was bombarded with furious messages from his new sister-in-law and her family after it happened. Picture: Getty

The mortified man then continued: "I didn't want to go unto one of those public toilets as they're normally filthy, I would just wait until the ceremony ended, then drive back to my place which was about a 5 minute drive and then head to the reception hall.

"It was obvious I was in genuine pain and discomfort and they kept telling me to use the public one, I really f****** wish I had."

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He continued: The ceremony started, and less than 10 seconds after the officiant started speaking, I had a huge far I needed to let out. You know when you try to let a lot of fas out gradually and silently?"

The man then goes into graphic detail about the ins and outs of the accident, which we won't publish, and then adds: "Everyone within a couple metres heard if, and smelt it, and after a few seconds everyone knew what had just happened.

"I was gagging and sprinting towards the toilet trying not to vomit from the thought of what I had just done. I took all my clothes off, tried my best to clean myself and just saw in a cubicle and cried for a few minutes. I had no idea what to do. Girlfriend drove me home and I had a shower and got some new clothes on, it had been 30 minutes now and they still hadn't started.

"Me and my brother have a very good relationship and he wasn't passing any judgment, and he refused to start without me there.

The man then goes on to reveal that when he finally returned, nobody looked at him and they pretended it didn't happen -but that after the ceremony his new sister-in-law and her parents sent him angry texts - telling him that he'd ruined the wedding.

He concludes: "My brother's wife is constantly upset that her wedding will be forever remembered as 'that wedding where my brother in law s*** his f****** pants'. She hates me for it."


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