Bride mortified by fiance's pre-nup stating she must lose TWO STONE after giving birth

21 February 2019, 12:02 | Updated: 21 February 2019, 13:34

This bride-to-be shared details of her weird pre-nup
This bride-to-be shared details of her weird pre-nup. Picture: Getty

A 29-year-old New Yorker revealed on Reddit the absurd pre-nuptial agreement that her fiance wanted her to sign.

A New Yorker has revealed online about one of the shocking clauses in her pre-nup that her fiance wanted her to sign.

In the legal document which is signed ahead of marriage for the event of a divorce it stated that she "[had] to lose any weight [gained] after child birth, at least 30lbs of it in the first year following childbirth".

It also stipulated that for every child they had together she would receive "a chunk of money" and she took to the online forum to ask for advice.

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She admitted that despite the shocking nature of both her fiance's demands she is more concerned about the monetary offer after having a child and wondered if this was even legal as it was such a bizarre suggestion.

Many reddit users raised concerns over her fiance's bizarre requirements and one said: "That weight-loss clause sure sets off alarm bells."

Some concerned users also advised her to hire her own lawyer to protect herself from signing something that serious.

Others also recommended that she add her own stipulations into the pre-nup and not only sign it based on his demands.

Many couples choose to sign pre-nups before they wed
Many couples choose to sign pre-nups before they wed. Picture: Getty

One user said: "So for example, assuming you are ok with his stipulations, have counter stipulations - what if he cheats? What about his weight? (Men gain weight to!) And about those kids he wants you to have - what if one of you is infertile and you use medical interventions (surrogate, egg donor, sperm donor, etc) or adopt - are there protections or clauses for that situation? Are there other concerns you have? Etc"

What do you think of this bizarre pre-nuptial agreement?