Vegan menus and fairytale-themed weddings will be the biggest 2020 trends

4 October 2019, 16:45

Some of the 2020 trends are a bit unexpected
Some of the 2020 trends are a bit unexpected. Picture: Getty

If you're getting married next year and want to keep on top of all the latest trends then we have all the information you need here.

Your wedding day is perhaps one of the most important days of your life and one you will spend a very long time planning meticulously.

The trends when it comes to weddings are ever-changing, so if you're someone who likes to be rather bang-on when it comes to the latest wedding must-do's then carry on reading...

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Everyone wants the perfect wedding
Everyone wants the perfect wedding. Picture: Getty

Metro spoke to Hamish Shephard, the founder of about all things marital to find out what his predictions are for next year's weddings.

He revealed that since 2020 is a leap year, the tradition of seeing women propose will be alive and kicking, with lots of trending videos predicted for February 29th.

Documenting the proposals and making them super extravagant has been growing massively in popularity over the past few years and it's only set to get even more popular in the forthcoming year.

In terms of dresses Phillipa Lepley, a fashion designer has said that we will see an increase in princess dresses, with huge skirts trains and veils - just like in a fairytale.

Having a second wedding dress for the evening is also becoming incresingly popular.

When it comes to food, Hamish has stated that vegan and free-from menus will grow, as opposed to your usual fish or meat choices.

He said: "The rapid growth in vegetarian and veganism, especially in the millennial generation, has led to an increase in such foods being served at weddings.

"Even couples who aren’t themselves vegans are more empathetic than ever before, and they are keen to cater for guests with all dietary requests."

Grazing tables and buffet spreads are on the rise, as are personalised cocktail menus with lots of gin.

Vegan wedding spreads are on the rise
Vegan wedding spreads are on the rise. Picture: Getty

Here are some of the more generally-spotted trends for next year:

Crowdfunded weddings and requests for financial contributions from guests (blame Brexit-inspired budgets)

Aisle procession dances captured on video

Group activities for guests, such as laser quest, zorbing, and cocktail making Pets!

Plan for kittens in flower crowns and dogs acting as ring bearers

Less of a focus on religion

More personalisation and unique touches

Brexit bans and Boris bans – couples will specify that no chatting about politics will be allowed

Mixed-gender bridal parties

More environmentally-conscious weddings

City weddings

Weddings at stately homes and castles

Surprise touches for brides and grooms

Buddymoons – those are honeymoons where friends tag along

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