Will Debenhams stores reopen after lockdown?

6 April 2021, 13:57 | Updated: 6 April 2021, 14:21

Are Debenhams stores reopening next week? Rules for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

It was confirmed earlier this year that Debenhams will be closing all its stores after the brand was bought by Boohoo.

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In a £55million deal with administrators, the Debenhams website, customer data, as well as related business information and selected contracts were all bought by the brand - but the high street stores were not.

Boohoo chief executive John Lyttle said at the time: "The acquisition of the Debenhams brand is an important development for the Group, as we seek to capture incremental growth opportunities arising from the accelerating shift to online retail.

"We have developed a successful multi-brand direct-to-consumer platform that continues to disrupt the markets that we operate in.

Some Debenhams stores will reopen on April 12
Some Debenhams stores will reopen on April 12. Picture: PA

"The acquisition represents an exciting strategic opportunity to transform our target addressable market through the creation of an online marketplace that leverages Debenhams' high brand awareness and traffic through the development of beauty and fashion partnerships connecting brands with consumers."

As non-essential shops are due to reopen in England next Monday (April 12), many people have been wondering whether Debenhams will temporarily reopen at that time.

Here's your need-to-know.

The Debenhams brand has been bought by online retailer Boohoo
The Debenhams brand has been bought by online retailer Boohoo. Picture: PA

Will Debenhams reopen on April 12?

Some Debenhams stores in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will reopen for a closing down sale for a limited period of time.

Branches in Scotland, however, will not reopen.

In a statement last month, Debenhams said it plans to reopen some branches "for a short period... as soon as government restrictions allow".

Non-essential shops in Scotland must remain closed until 26 April at the earliest, which does not align with the timeline of planned reopening of Debenhams stores.

Debenhams will reopen for a short period of time
Debenhams will reopen for a short period of time. Picture: PA

The statement added: "Because this timeline does not align with those expected in other parts of the UK and therefore with the planned wind-down of the Debenhams business, regrettably our 15 stores in Scotland will now not reopen and are closed permanently,"

Joint administrator Geoff Rowley said: "The Debenhams liquidation clearance continues online, and will restart in stores in England, Wales and Northern Ireland once restrictions allow.

"We regret that Debenhams' Scottish stores will not be able to reopen, and would like to thank all those employees affected for their commitment to Debenhams during what I know has been an extremely unsettling time."

For more information, visit the Debenhams website.


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