Woman questions husband's 'weird habit' as he stores pyjamas under pillow

16 February 2022, 17:42

American woman baffled as her British husband leaves his pyjamas behind the pillow

Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

One woman just discovered her other half keeps his pyjamas under the bed pillows, and she has some questions.

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A woman has gone viral on TikTok after questioning why her husband stores his pyjamas under his pillow when he's not wearing them.

The woman, Chloe Tucker Caine, is American and is married to a British man. This is often the subject of her TikTok videos, where she points out the different behaviours between them.

The most recent query is all about pyjamas; where do you store them? And if you store them under your pillow, why?

Chloe took to the video platform to ask for some guidance on the matter, asking her British followers to explain whether it is "normal" or not.

Chloe admitted that her husband's 'weird habit' was 'clever'
Chloe admitted that her husband's 'weird habit' was 'clever'. Picture: TikTok/Chloe Tucker Caine

In the video, she says: "My British husband does something really weird and I want to know if this is like a normal British thing?"

While she admitted it was "clever", she was still hunting for answers.

The overwhelming consensus back from her followers was that storing pyjamas under your pillow was very normal and something a lot of people did.

She wanted to know whether this was particularly a British thing to do
She wanted to know whether this was particularly a British thing to do. Picture: TikTok/Chloe Tucker Caine

One person commented on the post: "I thought this was universal?!", while another added: "Always put my PJs under my pillow. Doesn't everyone?"

The habit was confirmed by a number of British people, as well as some people from France and a collection from Australia.

There were, however, a few people who admitted they had never heard of this unspoken rule.

One of these people commented on the video: "I didn’t even know this was a thing! I must of had a bad upbringing… [laughing emoji face]. I’ll start doing it from tomorrow! I love how educational TikTok is!"

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