Woman reveals crazy mayonnaise hack that banishes grimy sticker residue

30 January 2020, 11:20 | Updated: 18 February 2020, 10:14

Mayonnaise will get rid of you sticker residue
Mayonnaise will get rid of you sticker residue. Picture: Lauren Jefferys

Her crafty idea is perfect for those with small children who love putting stickers on everything!

One crafty woman has revealed how she managed to salvage the windows of her new property after she found out the old owners had coated them in stickers.

Lauren Jeffrey moved in to her new property to find the window panes covered by stickers - probably left by some young children - and the way she managed to get rid of the annoying grime will blow you away.

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The windows with the mayo on the stickers
The windows with the mayo on the stickers. Picture: Lauren Jeffery

Everyone will be aware of the annoying sticky residue left behind after you peel stickers off, but not everyone will be aware that mayonnaise will be able to get rid of it!

Lauren had previously seen something online about mayonnaise being a great cleaning product, so decided to give it a whirl for herself.

Everyone has some mayo in their cupboards
Everyone has some mayo in their cupboards. Picture: Hellmann's

Sharing her story on Facebook group Hinch Army Cleaning Tips, she raved about how well it worked and urged others to give it a whirl.

The post has since racked up hundreds of likes, with many members of the group - all of whom are fans of cleanfluencer Mrs Hinch - commenting about how fab the wacky idea is.

The window panes were perfect afterwards
The window panes were perfect afterwards. Picture: Lauren Jeffery

Lauren's post read: “Whoever shared the tip about mayo removing old stickers, thank you!

“Our previous owners loved to stick things to the window frames!!

“Stuck some mayo on, left for around 30 mins and wiped away!

“There was a tiny faint little mark which I couldn’t leave so wacked some pink stuff on for a few minutes and voila!”

Under the post, many said they couldn't wait to try out the tip themselves.

One said: "This is wild.. defo trying out myself this weekend", with another adding "must try this!!!"

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