Outrage as plane passenger drapes long hair down the back of seat

25 October 2021, 16:14

What would you do if you were faced with this on your flight?
What would you do if you were faced with this on your flight? Picture: Twitter/@Antman0528

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Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

People have suggested some very creative ways they would get their revenge on the unknown passenger, who has been branded 'inconsiderate'.

A passenger on a flight has left people shocked after she draped her long hair along the back of her seat, leaving another flier unable to use their tray table.

Photograph evidence of the moment was shared on Twitter by a fellow passenger who witnessed the bizarre way the "inconsiderate" woman chose to travel.

The picture was shared by Anthony, from the US, who posted the picture on his Twitter account with the caption: "Would this p**s you off?".

And as you can imagine, people across the Internet have had a lot to say about it, with many sharing some very creative ways they would get revenge on the woman.

While we don't know who the person is, where they were travelling or what happened during the flight, we do know that people have not taken well to the entire situation.

The majority of people on Twitter said that this would irritate them, with many suggesting what they would do if they found themselves in the same situation.

Many said that they would call a flight attendant over to try and get the situation resolved, while others said they would simply ask the woman if she would not drape her hair behind the seat.

Others, however, have joked about ways they would get their revenge, with many involving gum, scissors, and some messy food.

One person commented on the picture: "I would politely ask her to stay in the space that she paid for and keep her hair out of the space I’m eating and drinking in.

"If that didn’t work I’d be very tempted to get the messiest food and drink on the trolley and accidentally dip her hair in it."

Other people who also have long hair have explained how they manage their long locks when travelling, with most saying that they take it over to one shoulder or simply tie it up.

And while many people joked about getting revenge by cutting the woman's hair, one Twitter user was quick to point out that cutting someone's hair without permission can be illegal.

They wrote: "Cutting a person’s hair without permission can be battery in some places. Just ask the girl to move it or speak with a flight attendant."

A small amount of people have revealed that they wouldn't actually care about the woman's hair, or that they understood why she did it.

One person wrote: "Would definitely be annoying, but for people with long hair I understand why they do it, not sure what a compromise would be TBH, as long as they understand I might need to move or manipulate it sometimes we could reach an understanding."

Another person commented: "Am I the only person in the world [who] would not care?"

But what do you recon, annoying or not?

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