Woman accused of 'ruining' her brother's wedding after refusing to babysit 40 kids

6 October 2021, 13:59

A woman has refused to babysit 40 children at her brother's wedding
A woman has refused to babysit 40 children at her brother's wedding. Picture: Getty Images

By Heart

A woman has been accused of 'ruining' her brother's big day after she refused to look after 40 children.

One woman has fallen out with her whole family after she refused to babysit 40 children at her brother’s wedding.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous user said that she used to be very close with her brother Nate, 28, but after he got engaged to his fiancée Emily, 32, the pair have drifted.

She went on to say that Nate and Emily are having a ‘child-free’ wedding, which in their case means anyone under the age of 21 is banned.

Since the woman is only 20, she had to convince her brother to allow her to attend the big day.

The woman explained: "I told Nate how much it would hurt to not be there for his big day, so he ended up convincing Emily to let me stay for the ceremony."

She continued: "We had a family dinner earlier this week and Emily brought up that she would like to have a daycare service for the children of her guests at the wedding. And somehow, she mentioned that she would love for me and my boyfriend (20) to look over the kids."

While the Reddit user - who is currently studying to be a teacher, and her boyfriend is a trainee paediatrician - said she didn’t mind doing it until she found out she’d be watching 40 children and would only be paid $50 each.

When the couple offered to do it for 150$, Emily was furious and called her future sister in law a ‘greedy, selfish brat’, adding that she should be paying her in exchange for the teaching experience.

The post continued: "I honestly don't care about babysitting. In fact, I would probably do it for free. My entire family knows this. That's why they're so mad at me right now.

“My phone has been blowing up all evening, telling me that I should want to do anything that will make my brother's wedding perfect and I'm being childish."

She added that while she feels bad for putting Nate in an awkward situation, she can’t put up with being treated in this way any more.

The story soon racked up hundreds of comments, with one person writing: "Honestly, what I'm hearing here is 'we've made a wedding where the age cut-off point mysteriously excludes you - the person the bride doesn't like - and when you're given a reluctant invitation to attend anyway, we'll scramble to create a job that will get you out of my sight for most if not all of the time.'"

Someone else said: "They don’t want you to attend the wedding but you’re allowed to work it?!? If she thinks 21 is a child, tell her it’s irresponsible to have a child in charge of 40 other children and decline."

While a third commented: "OP, don’t you dare attend that wedding.

"You won’t ruin it because the bride is doing that all by her rude entitled self. Your entire family are a******* for giving in to her behaviour. Please let them know what we all think."

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