Wedding guest slammed after she sent bride £500 invoice over ‘no phone’ rule

21 September 2021, 11:25

A woman has invoiced a bride after her wedding
A woman has invoiced a bride after her wedding. Picture: Getty Images

A bride has said her wedding was 'ruined' after her brother's girlfriend sent her a $940 invoice after the big day.

A wedding guest has been branded ‘selfish’ after she invoiced a bride $940 (£670) for the ‘no phone’ rule during the ceremony.

Sharing the story on Reddit, a newly married woman said she didn’t allow any phones during her reception because she didn’t want the distraction.

But after asking guests to keep their mobile’s out of sight, her brother's girlfriend went on to invoice her for missing out on a business deal.

A woman has said her wedding was 'ruined' by her brother's boyfriend
A woman has said her wedding was 'ruined' by her brother's boyfriend. Picture: Alamy

Describing her wedding as a ‘nightmare’, the anonymous woman from Australia explained: "My brother invited his new girlfriend.

“She's got her own online business where she sells makeup and perfumes or something. She's a 'work from my phone' girl. Anyway, our venue had a strict no phone policy during the ceremony, and I asked for nothing to be posted on social media about the wedding (family drama).

"Today I received an email from her with an 'invoice' for £500 [$945]. I gave her a call (she'd put her number on the email) and said to her that I wasn't in the mood for jokes about my wedding, trying to give her an out before she started some more drama, but she doubled down on it.

Should the bride pay the invoice?
Should the bride pay the invoice? Picture: Getty Images

“Apparently she'd missed a message from a girl who wanted to join her team, and so the girl had signed up under someone else- due to my no-phone no-socials wedding, causing her to miss out on the commission."

Her brother’s girlfriend then said she'd forget about the payment if the bride joined her team.

While the bride initially agreed to join the pyramid scheme, she then was asked to pay $113 (£60) for a ‘starter pack’ with perfume samples.

The woman continued: "Also she expects me to post about it all over social media, despite my desire to avoid other people right now.

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“Turns out she would also essentially be my 'boss' and I don't want to work for her as I'm already in a career of my own that I'm passionate about, that isn't sales or recruitment, and isn't commission-based."

The bride said her wedding was ‘ruined’ and she ‘hasn't stopped crying’ over the drama.

And Reddit were completely shocked by the woman’s behaviour, with one writing: “Can someone pick my jaw off the ground for me? Speechless. What an absolute piece of work she is. Don’t pay her, stop all contact. Simple.”

Another wrote: “She made the choice to come, knowing that she might lose business over that period. She could’ve just said 'no thank you, I have to work then’.”

The bride later updated Reddit users and said she spoke to her brother about it and he said he would split up with her.

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