Can I meet up with friends? Tier one, two and three rules on socialising explained

16 October 2020, 11:53 | Updated: 16 October 2020, 12:11

What are the rules on socialising in the tiered lockdown system?
What are the rules on socialising in the tiered lockdown system? Picture: PA

The rules on meeting up with friends during the new lockdown tier system.

Earlier this week, Boris Johnson announced that England will be adopted a traffic light-style tiered system of lockdown measures.

The new model of 'Local Covid Alert Levels' intends to simplify the lockdown rules in the country, and will see different areas placed into different categories depending on the infection rate.

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The new levels are medium (tier one), high (tier two), and very high (tier three).

If an area is in tier one, it will operate under general lockdown rules like the 10pm curfew and 'rule of six'.

Tier two will ban households from meeting indoors and people will be advised to reduce their travel if possible.

Tier three, the most stringent, will see pubs and bars closing (unless they can serve food and operate under restaurant conditions), wedding receptions banned, households banned from mixing indoors and outdoors, and the public advised against travelling out of the 'very high risk' area.

The rules on socialising in each tier explained
The rules on socialising in each tier explained. Picture: PA

Here are the rules on socialising with friends in each tier.

Rules on socialising in tier one

Areas in the tier one 'medium' risk level are operating under similar lockdown rules that were in place prior to the Prime Minister's announcement.

Therefore, the public are allowed to mix in groups of up to six people both indoors and outdoors, subject to social distancing.

Pubs, bars and restaurants can remain open, but the 10pm curfew remains in force.

Rules on socialising in tier two

Under tier two, the 'high' risk level, members of the public cannot socialise with anyone not in their household or support bubble indoors - including in pubs and homes.

The 'rule of six' will still apply outdoors, and pubs and restaurants will be subject to the 10pm curfew.

Families may be able to meet in a private garden, but the rule of six will apply for a maximum of two households.

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Rules on socialising in tier three

Liverpool is currently in lockdown tier three
Liverpool is currently in lockdown tier three. Picture: PA

Tier three will see businesses like pubs, bars, casinos and leisure centres closed, but restaurants can remain open.

Those in tier three will be banned from mixing with anyone outside their household, both indoors and outdoors.

Only essential travel will be permitted.


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