Families told to swap Christmas dinners for ‘picnics in the park’

20 November 2020, 07:35

Christmas will look very different this year
Christmas will look very different this year. Picture: Getty Images

A medical expert has suggested families should meet outside for Christmas this year.

Christmas is set to look a lot different this year, with most of the UK following strict lockdown rules.

But now a top scientist has suggested swapping the usual traditional family gatherings around a roast dinner, for a ‘picnic in the park’ to stop coronavirus spreading.

Dr Hans Kluge, the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) regional director for Europe, has insisted that despite the restrictions, the festive season can still be ‘merry’.

Speaking at a press briefing on Thursday he suggested that if people want to see family on December 25, they should meet up in the park instead.

Christmas dinners could be eaten outside this year
Christmas dinners could be eaten outside this year. Picture: Getty Images

He said: “Cherish the festive season with those close to you.

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“If it’s a large gathering of vulnerable people, you may postpone that gathering until you can safely gather.

“Despite the cold, if local restrictions permit, gather outside with loved ones for picnics in the park.”

He went on to point out that many other religious festivals have been marked in different ways this year, including the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and the Hindu festival Diwali.

Dr Kluge said these had been commemorated with virtual gatherings and ‘distance celebrations’.

This comes after it was revealed the UK could be given a five day ‘break’ from strict lockdown rules to gather with their families over Christmas.

But health officials have since warned Brits would then have to face another 25 days of lockdown in January, to ‘pay’ for the relaxed restrictions.

And actor Gyles Brandreth sparked debate on This Morning yesterday when he suggested we should all just postpone Christmas until March.

He told hosts Phillip Schofield and Davina McCall he would be prepared to move the big day to March so that everyone can celebrate in a more ‘normal’ way.

“Let’s reschedule Christmas to 25 March,” he said, continuing: “It’s only 25 Dec because that coincides with the Winter Solstice.

“There are plenty of historical & biblical grounds for 25 March as the date that should mark the birth of Christ.”

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