Major incident in Greater Manchester: What does it mean and have the coronavirus lockdown rules changed?

3 August 2020, 10:23

There is a major incident in Greater Manchester
There is a major incident in Greater Manchester. Picture: PA Images

What is the major incident in Greater Manchester and have the lockdown rules changed? Here's what you need to know...

A major incident was declared in Greater Manchester over the weekend due to increases in coronavirus infection rates.

Assistant Chief Constable Nick Bailey, chairman of the Local Resilience Forum, said there are concerns about infection rates in ‘multiple localities’ across the county.

But what is the major incident in Manchester and what are the lockdown rules? Here’s what we know…

What does the major incident in Greater Manchester mean?

The Strategic Coordination Group in Greater Manchester made the decision to declare a ‘major incident’ after they met to discuss the new lockdown measures in the North West of the UK.

A major incident has been announced in Greater Manchester
A major incident has been announced in Greater Manchester. Picture: PA Images

According to, a major incident is ‘any emergency that requires the implementation of special arrangements by one or all of the emergency services and will generally include the involvement, either directly or indirectly, of large numbers of people.’

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But a spokesman for Greater Manchester Combined Authority said residents shouldn’t panic over this declaration, as it is "no more than a boost to our capabilities".

Assistant Chief Constable Bailey explained: "The group reviewed learning from other recent areas, including Leicester, and its own learning from across the partnership and have taken the decision to declare this a major incident in order to respond as effectively as possible.

The North West on England has been put back on lockdown
The North West on England has been put back on lockdown. Picture: PA Images

"This will enable us to maximise the capability of agencies across Greater Manchester, including additional resources if required, to instigate a prompt and positive change in direction."

He added the aim was to "reduce infection rates and bring Greater Manchester back to as near a state of normality as current times allow.”

Have coronavirus cases risen in Manchester?

According to The Sun, coronavirus cases have doubled in Manchester in just a week.

From July 22 to July 27, the infection rate in Manchester increased from 26.2 to 41.0, while nearby, Oldham had 31 new cases on July 28 which is the highest in one day since May 9.

What are the government lockdown rules in Manchester?

Last week, Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced people from different households in Greater Manchester, parts of east Lancashire and West Yorkshire would no longer be able to meet each other inside their homes or in gardens.

Residents are also no longer allowed to meet people from other households inside pubs and restaurants.

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