Martin Lewis shares the ultimate cost of living crisis survival guide

23 May 2022, 11:48 | Updated: 20 September 2022, 15:46

Martin Lewis has shared a cost of living survival guide
Martin Lewis has shared a cost of living survival guide. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has shared a list of tips to help you save thousands.

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With the cost of living crisis continuing to hit thousands of families across the country, Martin Lewis has shared a long list of advice.

The financial expert has said while he is almost ‘out of tools’ to help, there are some things we can do to reduce the cost of energy, broadband, water, food and more.

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You can find the full list of tips on the Money Saving Expert website, but we’ve picked out some of the best below.

Martin Lewis has shared his top tips to save money
Martin Lewis has shared his top tips to save money. Picture: ITV

1. Heat the human, not the home

Martin has previously shared that the cheapest way to keep warm is to use electric blankets rather than turning the heating on.

He said: "I felt sad when I asked the team to put this new Heat the human guide together, analysing the cheapest ways to keep warm. Yet I can't ignore my overflowing email-bag of people panicking that they can't afford their energy bill. Don't see it as a 'we say you should', more as options and info if you must drastically cut down on energy usage."

2. Sanitary product schemes

It’s thought that people can spend up to £100 a year on period-related products, but there are ways to cut this down.

Martin shares you can ask for an emergency 'package for Sandy' in Morrisons, while Food Banks also have sanitary products.

Now primary and secondary schools and colleges in England can also order a range of products (such as tampons, sanitary pads and menstrual cups), and make them available for those that need them.

Martin Lewis has shared almost 100 tips to help with energy costs
Martin Lewis has shared almost 100 tips to help with energy costs. Picture: Getty Images

3. Bank account switches

You could get free money for switching your bank, including HSBC who is giving away £170.

First Direct is also offering £150, while Lloyds Bank is giving away £125 and six cinema tickets.

4. It’s cheaper to microwave

According to Martin, microwaves cost less money to run because they are on for less time and only heat the food, not the air around them.

He’s estimated that microwaving a jacket potato often costs 25% or less of what it would cost to oven-cooking one.

5. Saving on water

Water firms hand out free water-saving gadgets via water efficiency site Save Water Save Money.

These include shower heads, tap inserts and garden hose nozzles which will reduce your energy bills.

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6. School uniform costs

Lower-income families can save as much as £200 a year towards the cost of their children's school uniform.

To find out more you should contact your local authority.

7. Use food introduction offers

Food box subscriptions often have introductory offers that allow you to get free or hugely discounted meals.

8. Reduce prescription costs

It might be worth getting an NHS prescription prepayment certificate which is a one-off fee covering the costs of all prescriptions for a period of three months or one year.

9. Use Community Grocery stores

There are 16 Community Grocery stores in the country where you can pick up massively marked-down food items.

It costs £5 for an annual membership and you can get two weekly shops at one of its stores.

10. Foodbanks are there to help

If you're struggling to afford food, you can and should use food banks.

They give out free parcels that should provide at least three days' worth of in-date, non-perishable food.

To get help from most foodbanks, you need to be referred by a doctor, health visitor, school or social worker.