Princess Diana's astrologer has predicted what kind of child Meghan Markle will give birth to

29 March 2019, 16:06

Diana's astrologer has spoke about the forthcoming royal baby
Diana's astrologer has spoke about the forthcoming royal baby. Picture: GETTY

Astrologer Penny Thornton claims Meghan and Harry's first child will be 'quirky and unconventional'

Princess Diana's astrologer has used her expert knowledge to predict personality traits of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first child - with the Duchess of Sussex due to give birth in April.

Speaking to People, Penny Thornton explained: "This baby will be quirky and unconventional and will be his or her own person.

"I think that goes with how Harry and Meghan view themselves as a royal couple, they want to carve out a very different role for themselves."

Penny added: "This baby will be very bright and experimental - he or she will not be able to fit into any template - Taureans like to conform and this child is a non-conformist."

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Meghan is expected to give birth in April
Meghan is expected to give birth in April. Picture: GETTY

Princess Diana recently sent Meghan Markle 'a message from beyond the grave' - and dished out some stellar advice on handling parenthood as the Duchess prepares to become a mother for the first time.

Linda and Terry Jamison claim to be 'psychic twins' with a strong connection to the People's Princess and are in regular contact with Diana. The pair told the Daily Star all about their supernatural encounter.

According to the psychics, Diana's message to Meghan read: "I am over the moon about the imminent arrival of your first born!

"This baby will bring so much joy to the royal family and the world will fall in love."

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