All the new rules set to be announced under Boris Johnson's 'living with Covid' plan

17 February 2022, 08:27 | Updated: 17 February 2022, 10:07

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Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Boris Johnson is set to publish his ‘living with Covid’ plan on Monday with new isolation rules.

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After two years of restrictions, Boris Johnson is set to ease coronavirus rules completely in England at the end of this month.

On Monday 21 February, the Prime Minister will publish a long-term plan to ‘live with Covid’.

But what are the rules and will self isolation be scrapped? Here’s what we know…

Self isolation rules

Boris Johnson is set to scrap all legal Covid self-isolation rules, even if you test positive.

Boris Johnson is set to publish his 'living with Covid' plans
Boris Johnson is set to publish his 'living with Covid' plans. Picture: Alamy

This could come into place as soon as Thursday 24 February.

Despite the legal quarantine rules being dropped, No 10 has said: “We’re not saying isolation is pointless.

“We’d expect anyone with an infectious disease to take steps not to spread that disease further - a colleague at work with flu, for example."

At the moment, people who test positive in England must go into self-isolation for at least five full days, if they test negative on day four and five.

This was previously cut from 10 days and seven days.

Many people are worried that this will also see the end of the £500 isolation payment or sick pay.

Self isolation for a positive Covid test will be scrapped
Self isolation for a positive Covid test will be scrapped. Picture: Getty Images

Currently those who are hit by Covid can claim £96.35-a-week Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) from Day One of Covid isolation.

The payment is usually only available from the fourth day of illness, but this was cut to the first day for Covid cases.

The £500 self-isolation payment for some low-income workers with Covid could also end after it was introduced in September 2020.

No final decisions have been announced yet over plans to scrap this.

Lateral flow tests

Free lateral flow tests will be replaced, with the public having to foot the cost themselves.

While it’s not known how much lateral flow tests will cost, estimates are around £30 for a pack of seven.

Free Covid lateral flow tests will be scrapped
Free Covid lateral flow tests will be scrapped. Picture: Getty Images

Mr Johnson may also lay out a date when PCR tests in England will also come at a cost, while Test and Trace could be scrapped altogether.

Travel rules

Fully-vaccinated people entering the UK currently don’t need to take any Covid tests, but they do need to fill in a Passenger Locator Form.

This could be further simplified, while unvaccinated people will still need to take one pre-departure test and one post-arrival test before entering the UK.

Covid jabs

All children over five will be able to receive their vaccinations from April this year.

Two smaller doses of the Pfizer jab, given at 12 weeks apart, will be available to this age group.