Forecasters predict exact date snow could arrive in the UK

27 October 2021, 11:30

Snow could arrive in parts of the UK in early November (stock image)
Snow could arrive in parts of the UK in early November (stock image). Picture: Getty

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When will it snow in the UK? The Met Office has predicted the exact date snow will start to fall...

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Autumn has officially arrived, meaning the nights are getting darker and we've officially dug out our big coats.

Due to the increasingly chilly weather, many people may be wondering when we'll see some snowfall - and forecasters have now said it could arrive next week.

As reported by Chronicle Live, forecasters have predicted that snow and sub zero temperatures will some parts of the UK next week, with the weather set to take a turn on Wednesday.

While the week will start off with some bright spells and showers, it is expected that the rain will become heavier mid week.

Early November will bring much colder temperatures (stock image)
Early November will bring much colder temperatures (stock image). Picture: Getty

Yellow weather warnings are in place on Wednesday and Thursday for parts of the North East, with some areas likely to experience downpours.

The Met Office warned that "Persistent and at times heavy rain is expected to cause impacts from Wednesday morning through to Thursday.

"In general, 40-80 mm is expected within the warning area but 140-180 mm is likely over high ground with as much as 200 mm in some locations."

Paul Michaelwaite, Netweather forecaster, said that conditions will be different in the south, saying: "The north and west will see more of the wetter, windier weather, whereas those further southeast will see more in the way of dry conditions.

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"The reason for the split is that, for the time being, low pressures are going to track nearer to the north of the country, allowing those further south and east to enjoy a bit more shelter and closer proximity to high pressure over the continent.

"A very similar setup is likely to persist right through the upcoming week, but with low pressure slowly furthering its influence in the south.

"Then by next weekend and the beginning of November, it does look likely that those further south will be getting in on the wet, windy action more often."

November is expected to bring significantly colder temperatures than October, with lows of -4C expected in parts of northern Scotland on the 3rd of the month.