Boss gives all her staff $10,000 each and first-class tickets anywhere

26 October 2021, 12:46

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

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A business owner has been called the 'best boss in the world' after she gave all her staff $10,000 each.

A business owner has given her employees the ultimate bonus by giving them a whopping $10,000 (£7,200) each, as well as two first class plane tickets.

Sara Blakely is the owner of underwear company Spanx, and recently received an incredible valuation of $1.2billion for her growing business.

And to celebrate the huge milestone, Sara decided to give her staff the ultimate thank you gift.

Sara Blakely gave her employees a huge bonus
Sara Blakely gave her employees a huge bonus. Picture: Instagram

In a video shared on her social media, Sara can be seen spinning a globe at a party for her employees.

She then tells the room: "I'm spinning a globe because to celebrate this moment I have bought each one of you two first-class tickets to anywhere in the world.

As her staff were captured breaking into tears, Sara drops another bombshell that they will also be getting a serious amount of money in their monthly pay cheque.

She continues: "You know, if you want a trip, you might want to go out to a really nice dinner, you might want to go out to a really nice hotel so with every one of those two first class tickets to anywhere in the world, you are each getting $10,000."

Employees were over the moon with their bonus
Employees were over the moon with their bonus. Picture: Instagram

Touching on the struggles women face in business, Sara says: "This is a very big moment for each and every one of you, and I want to also toast the women that came before me and all of the women in the world who have not had this opportunity.”

Alongside the video, Sara wrote a lengthy caption revealing that she too was very emotional at the party.

She wrote: “It was an emotional announcement filled with happy tears acknowledging how far we’ve come.

“And then the tears really started to flow when I surprised everybody with 2 first class @delta plane tickets to anywhere in the world and $10,000 cash to spend on the trip.

“I really want every employee to celebrate this moment in their own way and create a memory that will last them a lifetime! Cheers to 21 years of magic and many more to come.”