People are stockpiling toilet paper amid Coronavirus concern

6 March 2020, 14:01

Many people are stockpiling toilet paper (stock images)
Many people are stockpiling toilet paper (stock images). Picture: Getty

The latest Coronavirus advice is to wash your hands with soap and warm water, while avoiding touching your eyes, nose and ears.

Many Britons have been stockpiling as fears about Coronavirus escalate, and one of the items people are buying in huge quantities is toilet paper.

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This is despite assurances from authorities that supermarkets are unlikely to run out of loo roll as it's mostly made locally in this country.

The decision to stockpile toilet paper could be as a result of the situation in Sydney, Australia, where #toiletpapergate and #toiletpapercrisis were trending on Twitter on Wednesday.

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Supermarket shelves in the city were completely stripped of loo roll, with many people struggling to buy it.

People across the globe have been sharing photos of empty toilet paper shelves on Twitter, with one person from the US writing: "People are seriously freaking out about the Corona virus. I've never seen Costco so busy. Even on black Friday or Christmas season. They're out of Kirkland cases of waters, toilet paper, meat in general and other things...."

On an episode of This Morning earlier this week, the resident doctors opened up about the symptoms of the virus, saying: "The symptoms of coronavirus are predominantly a dry cough and a fever, and the symptoms last on average 7 days. Some people get symptoms so mild that they don't know they have it. It doesn't tend to cause runny nose and head colds. IF you've got a dry cough and fever then it's more likely.

"The absolute vast majority of people will be absolutely fine with it. The absolute minority of people who are elderly and at risk. the absolute minority of people are going to be self treating."


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