UK weather: Forecasters predict 30C Mediterranean heatwave could hit Britain this month

3 August 2021, 07:30

Things are set to heat up later this month
Things are set to heat up later this month. Picture: Alamy/Getty Images

Weather forecasters have predicted when the summer weather will return to the UK after a week of rain.

You might be looking out of your window at cloudy skies this morning, but the tide could be about to turn on the bad weather.

In fact, forecasters are now predicting warmer and more settled climates will return to the UK by the middle of August.

The latest heat maps from Netweather show a dark red colour with possible highs of 35C in France on August 16.

The hot weather could return to the UK
The hot weather could return to the UK. Picture: Alamy

These are then seen travelling to the south of England, potentially seeing the mercury topping 30C across the south east.

The forecast says: "As high pressure slowly pushes northward from the Mediterranean Sea, low pressure systems caught in the storm track and driven by the jet stream will be deflected northward too.

"Drier weather should spread in from the south, and this will also bring in a warmer, more tropical air mass to the UK.

"Temperatures should trend warmer than normal into late August, with some warm days possible if high pressure moves overhead for too long.

"If the high does linger overhead, a heatwave may develop, but confidence is low on this.

The Met Office Explain Exactly What A UK Heatwave Is

"Chances for heat increase later in the month, but high pressure will need to move into the correct spot for this to pan out.

"Later in August there are some encouraging signs for more influential high pressure, at least for a few weeks, bringing some drier and warmer weather.

"This does come with a slight chance of a late-summer heat wave, but at the moment this is only a risk."

Unfortunately, rain is on the way first, with the rest of the week seeing torrential showers and even some thunderstorms.

More rain is heading for the UK this week
More rain is heading for the UK this week. Picture: Alamy

Today, heavier spells will be centred around England, with the Met Office’s Marco Petagna, saying: "Today and tomorrow, there will be a mixture of sunshine and showers for most across the UK.

"The weather will be more unsettled from Wednesday onwards. There's showers or longer spells of rain for most areas as we go from Wednesday into Thursday and potentially Friday as well."

Looking forward to the next couple of weeks, Brian Gaze, forecaster at The Weather Outlook, said things remain uncertain.

He said: "Mixed weather is set to continue next week so all of the UK is likely to have further showers or longer spells of rain.

"There is also the possibility of another unseasonable area of low pressure developing. However, in the longer term there are tentative hints of a change."