UK weather: Hopes for August heatwave as Met Office predicts late summer sizzler

17 August 2021, 06:45

Things could get hot again this August
Things could get hot again this August. Picture: Alamy/Getty Images

There could be an August Bank holiday heatwave as temperatures rise this week.

We might have had a rainy few weeks in the UK, but it looks like things could be about to change.

In fact, forecasters are predicting five days of sunshine will be heading our way towards the end of the month, just in time for the Bank Holiday.

The Met Office’s long-term forecast states there is an increased chance of warmer than average conditions in late August.

Brits could be basking in hot weather again by the end of the month
Brits could be basking in hot weather again by the end of the month. Picture: Alamy

“Towards the end of next week settled conditions are likely to become more dominant across most areas with plenty of dry weather,” forecasters are predicting.

However, there could still be showers and some longer spells of rain and stronger winds in the north.

Into early September, there will then likely be a north and south split, with forecasters stating: “The northwest may experience more unsettled conditions and at times showers to longer spells of rain may spread southeast to other areas.

“Temperatures fluctuating around average.

“Any more prolonged and drier weather would be most likely in the southeast where there is a greater chance of warm spells.”

Temperatures could reach 25C this weekend in the south
Temperatures could reach 25C this weekend in the south. Picture: Alamy

Weather experts at the BBC are also expecting high pressure and warmer weather to continue into September.

They say: "The high will be an extension of the sub-tropical high that lingers near the Azores through summer, so it will bring in some warmer air and sunnier skies.

"As it sits overhead for a few days, temperatures should quickly climb above average. This final week of August brings the best chances for a lengthy stay of high pressure and with it a slight risk of a heat wave.

"It's still a bit difficult to pin down the heat chances at the moment, largely due to the persistent inconsistencies in the computer models for this time frame."

As for this week, from Thursday, temperatures will finally warm up to around 23C.

In London and the south east, the mercury could even reach 25C on Friday while things could heat up even more on Saturday in places.

A Met forecaster said: "The bigger picture shows this intense heatwave across southern parts of Europe.

"Record breaking temperatures are possible this weekend across Spain and Portugal.

"Meanwhile across the UK it is a lot more changeable and cooler.

"This run of north westerly winds continuing this week and some wet weather fronts bring showers or rain at times but settled conditions possible later in the week."