UK weather: Britain to see 27C September heatwave after summer washout

23 August 2021, 07:33

Summer could be coming making a late appearance
Summer could be coming making a late appearance. Picture: Alamy/Getty Images

Britain will reportedly see a 12 day heatwave next month with temperatures hitting 27C.

We might have been hearing rumours of a heatwave for a few weeks now, but it looks like it could finally be coming.

After a washout August, things are finally set to get hotter next month, with temperatures soaring.

According to Netweather, the mercury will hit 27C next Saturday, with a warm plume sweeping in from Spain and the Azores.

Hotter weather is seemingly on the way
Hotter weather is seemingly on the way. Picture: Alamy

This could leave most of England sizzling in the sun, while temperatures will be slightly cooler in Wales, Cumbria and across the South West.

Meanwhile, after weeks of rain, sunny spells are set to develop this week, with temperatures even reaching 24C - much warmer than recent days.

A Met Office forecaster said: "From Monday will be mainly fine and dry, with rather warm temperatures in the west initially and more widely later in the last week of August and into September.

"There will be increasing amounts of sunshine, with high pressure -likely to dominate, with settled conditions."

The Met Office Explain Exactly What A UK Heatwave Is

Brian Gaz, forecaster at The Weather Outlook, agreed: "It's a major change after wet weather. There should be a good deal of sunshine."

While John Hammond of weathertrending added to The Mirror: "It will be late summer at its best, with a sunnier finale to a dull August.

"The mid-20s is possible by midweek, with the fine weather holding on for the bank holiday weekend and for a few more days into September for most."

The Met Office previously warned that some areas had already been hit by a month's worth of average rainfall in August, a week before the month has ended.

Brits could be sunbathing into September
Brits could be sunbathing into September. Picture: Alamy

According to forecaster Greg Dewhurst, London has had 117 per cent of its usual August rainfall already, with the summer tipped to be the wettest in a decade.

As reported by The Sun, data from the Met Office shows that the UK has seen just the UK 442 hours of sunshine since June 1.

Previous summers over the last decades have seen up to 615 hours.

Met Office forecaster Steven Keates said: "This summer has certainly been unremarkable and pretty bland. It’s not going to be remembered for warmth.

"We’ve had flooding, some parts of the country have seen double their average rainfall, and temperatures have been average."