UK weather: Britain hit by Spanish plume bringing 25C heatwave in weeks

21 April 2021, 07:12 | Updated: 21 April 2021, 07:13

Temperatures could reach the mid twenties over the next few weeks
Temperatures could reach the mid twenties over the next few weeks. Picture: PA Images/Getty Images

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The mini-heatwave is set to continue, with temperatures reaching mid-twenties by the start of May.

After a very sunny start to the week for many of us, it looks like the hot weather is set to continue.

A ‘Spanish plume’ sweeping across Britain could even bring highs of a whopping 25C, reports The Sun

These rocketing temperatures are forecast over the next few weeks and will continue into May, with Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze explaining: “Computer models show a lot of dry weather now, then warmer spells in late April and into May seeing 25C possible in the South."

This comes after Tuesday saw a high of 18C recorded in Heathrow, which is 5C above average.

The weather will stay warm over the coming week
The weather will stay warm over the coming week. Picture: PA Images

As we head into the weekend, the mercury is set to drop slightly but things will largely remain dry and bright. 

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And the warm weather will continue into next week, with Meteorologist Steven Keates telling “It will remain largely dry well into next week, so April is looking like a really dry month for much of the UK.”

The Met Office's long forecast also predicts the first half of May will see temperatures staying above average.

It says: “A settled regime will likely be in place across much of the country at first with high pressure likely to be centred to the west or northwest of the UK during this time.

The Met Office Explain Exactly What A UK Heatwave Is

"Mixed weather patterns, typical of spring are most likely through the first half of May.

"Overall, fine and dry weather is expected to be most dominant, with fair-weather cloud and plenty of sunny spells."

Meanwhile, experts are now predicting the UK could have its hottest summer in a decade this year.

Meteorologist for British Weather Services, Jim Dale, explained to The Sun: "There will definitely be some spikes of heat as we go into summer when I expect to see temperatures in the high 20Cs or even the low 30Cs.

“This is largely because of a balancing effect which, after the colder period of weather over the past couple of months, dominated by a northerly airflow, should revert and come from a more southerly direction."

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