UK weather: Exact date heatwave will end as experts predict thunderstorms

11 August 2022, 13:36

Met Office issues warning for extreme heat

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

When will the heatwave in the UK and when will it rain? Here's what we know...

We’ve only just recovered from the 40C heatwave that swept across the UK last month.

But now it looks like there’s going to be another wave of hot weather, with temperatures set to reach 35C in some areas this weekend.

The Met Office said the heatwave will cover most of the UK, with the hottest conditions expected on Saturday.

So, when will the heatwave end? Here’s what we know…

The UK is in the middle of a heatwave
The UK is in the middle of a heatwave. Picture: Alamy

When will the heatwave end?

For many areas, the hot weather will change on Monday, with a six-hour thunderstorm expected in some areas.

Yep, with parks and gardens currently gasping for water and hose pipe bans incoming across many towns and cities, the country will see some much-needed rainfall.

From Monday 15 August, the Met Office says: “This period will see the breakdown of the hot, sunny and dry weather of recent days, with conditions becoming more unsettled across the UK.

A thunderstorm is heading for many areas
A thunderstorm is heading for many areas. Picture: Getty Images

“Showers will spread from the west and south next week, sometimes heavy and thundery, though drier periods with sunny spells are still likely between them. At the same time, temperatures will gradually decrease to closer to normal for August.

“Later in the period, the more changeable weather will prevail with a risk of heavy showers or thunderstorms continuing, but clear and dry spells in between too.

“Returning to warm or very warm towards the end of the period for much of England and Wales, perhaps becoming locally hot in parts of the south and southeast.”

This comes after the UK Health Security Agency issued a level-three heat-health alert to apply from Tuesday to Saturday.

Things will cool down next week
Things will cool down next week. Picture: Alamy

The Met Office confirmed: "With high temperatures now forecast to last throughout the weekend, the UK Health Security Agency has extended the current heat health alert.

It covers large parts of the UK including the East Midlands, East of England, West Midlands, South East England, North West England, South West England, Yorkshire and Humber and Wales.

"The alert is now in place from midday Tuesday 9 August until 11pm Sunday 14 August.

"The public are urged to look out for family, friends and neighbours who may be more vulnerable during prolonged periods of hot weather – particularly elderly people who live alone and people with underlying health conditions."

The alert for extreme heat across Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday comes with temperatures set to soar.