UK weather: More snow to hit Britain as Met Office warns of ice and plummeting temperatures

6 January 2021, 07:06 | Updated: 6 January 2021, 07:09

Snow is heading to parts of the UK this week
Snow is heading to parts of the UK this week. Picture: Getty Images/PA Images

The Met Office has issued yellow warnings which affect large sections of the North East, Scotland and the Midlands.

As the whole UK gets used to another lockdown, it looks like even more snow could be on the way for many of us. 

On Tuesday morning, large areas of the North and Scotland woke up to the white stuff covering their gardens.

But with a bitter easterly wind sweeping across Britain, the cold snap isn’t going away. 

Exacta Weather’s James Madden has told the Express that storms from the Atlantic will hit freezing air over Britain causing more snow over the next two weeks. 

He said: “Around the end of this week we could start to see bands of stormy weather coming in off the Atlantic clashing with the colder conditions across the UK.

Snow could hit the South East of England by the end of the week
Snow could hit the South East of England by the end of the week. Picture: PA Images

“This will bring some hazardous conditions with the risk of ice storms and potentially heavy snow in parts of the country.

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“January will continue with the cold theme with temperatures featuring near or below the seasonal average."

An ice warning from the Met Office is currently in place for most of the North East, with forecasters predicting snow could reach as far down as the South East.

The yellow ice warning is currently in place from Nottingham up to Edinburgh, and from Burnley to the east coast, with residents told to expect ‘difficult travel conditions’.

The Met Office warned: "A locally severe frost is likely in North West Scotland, where temperatures may plummet to a low of minus 13 Celsius.

"This will make it the coldest night since the end of January/early February 2019."

Met Office experts have also said that the South East could also see snow as early as Thursday or Friday this week.

Spokeswoman Nicola Maxey told The Sun: "We may see the odd flurry down to lower levels, particularly in the North East, maybe the North West depending on what day you're looking at.

"But certainly any snow to lower levels will be quite transient really and not last very long."

She said the cold spell will last the rest of the week and into next week, but things should heat up slightly.

The expert added: “By the time we get to Friday, we’re starting to see the chance that things might warm up a bit, but we’re still looking at 3C or 4C for London, with isolated areas perhaps seeing 6C.”

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