All the latest supermarket rules revealed as England heads into third lockdown

5 January 2021, 10:46 | Updated: 5 January 2021, 10:51

There are new supermarket rules in place
There are new supermarket rules in place. Picture: PA Images/Getty Images

Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Lidl, Aldi and Morrisons have updated their guidance.

On Monday, Boris Johnson announced that England would be heading back into a third national lockdown.

This means non essential shops, pubs, restaurants and bars are closed, as well as schools and offices up and down the country.

People in England will only be able to leave their houses for a few specific reasons - including shopping for food and essentials.

And as coronavirus cases continue to rise, supermarkets have increased their safety measures in store to make sure customers are kept safe.

Check out the latest rules below:

Boris Johnson announced a national lockdown on January 4
Boris Johnson announced a national lockdown on January 4. Picture: PA Images


Tesco has recently introduced a one-in, one-out system in a bid to reduce the number of customers in store, which means shoppers may have to queue outside.

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A traffic light system has also been implemented in some stores which will let customers know when they can enter safely.

Some Tesco stores have cordoned off non-essential aisles such clothing and kitchenware.

Face coverings must also be worn unless a customer is medically exempt and staff are at the entrances of larger stores help answer any questions.

Hand sanitiser, cleaning products and protective screens are also in place.

ASDA has new shopping rules during lockdown
ASDA has new shopping rules during lockdown. Picture: PA Images


With people banned from meeting socially with anyone outside their household bubble, Sainsbury’s has said only one adult per household will be allowed in the shop at any one time.

Queueing systems are also in place outside stores, while there are signs inside and outside to remind people of social distancing.

There are also perspex safety screens between checkouts and additional cleaning stations.

Sainsbury’s will continue to be prioritising elderly and vulnerable customers for online delivery slots and they also have priority entry from 8 am to 9 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

NHS staff and care workers still have priority entry from 7:30 am to 8 am between Monday and Saturday.


Asda recently introduced a virtual queuing system with an app called Qudini which allows customers to wait in their cars.

Asda also added a protective antimicrobial coating to common customer "touch points", such as fridges, baskets and trolley handles which helps to kill bacteria and viruses.

Safety marshals are also on site to help customers comply with the government's social distancing guidelines.


Lidl doesn’t have any specific restrictions in place, but the supermarket asks customers to shop at quieter times.


Aldi introduced a traffic light system last year during the first lockdown and the store is also encouraging customers to do their shopping in quieter times.


Morrisons is managing queues outside of shops by allowing customers with a basket to skip the queue.

It is also offering a next-day doorstep delivery service for customers who are self-isolating or unable to get to a store.

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