What is the weather forecast for Christmas Day?

13 December 2023, 15:57

A snow flake and wet Christmas in London
Christmas weather is looking unsettled as Met Office reveal early forecast. Picture: Alamy

Christmas Day brings the hope of snow and frosty temperatures but in reality the UK rarely delivers on a white Christmas. So what is the actual forecast for 2023?

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Snow, frost and freezing temperatures is how the Christmas movies sell the weather to us over the festive break but realistically, our chances of getting a white Christmas are low.

With December's weather so far bringing a mix of conditions from an early snowfall to flood warnings, predicting the forecast for the 25th and the surrounding days can be quite difficult for the experts.

However, with lots of family plans in place, it's good to be prepared for all weather types as we look forward to the forecast for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. And if you find the conditions too horrible to brave the outdoors, at least there will be some great TV for you to tune into.

Here's the important weather forecast details you need for Christmas.

Dark and wet Christmas market
Met Office has forecast warmer than average temperatures for this time of year. Picture: Alamy

What is the weather forecast for Christmas Day?

At present, there are too many sleeps until Christmas to be able to give an exact and accurate weather forecast for December 24th, 25th and 26th.

However, the Met Office has given a rough forecast which predicts above average temperatures in the south with more settled conditions for the three important days.

Forecasters have said: "Settled conditions in the south with well above average temperatures here too, but cloudy at times with some patchy light rain, mainly near western coasts and over hills.

"From next week (Christmas Eve) high pressure will likely move further west into the central Atlantic, allowing a return to unsettled conditions and typically nearer average temperatures nationwide.

"It now looks probable that there will be at least one short-lived colder interlude next week, with a period of north or northwesterly winds that could bring some snow and ice, especially in the north."

Tree branch covered in snow
Christmas has many hoping for a white Christmas with inches of snow. Picture: Alamy

What are the chances of snow for Christmas?

Snow on Christmas Day is seeming less and less likely, however, the Met Office has delivered an early warning from the 27th December onwards.

They've said: "There is a continued chance of a short-lived colder spell or two, with hazards such as snow and ice, with this chance perhaps increasing slightly in late December and into the New Year period.

"However, on balance conditions are most likely to remain generally mild and wetter than average for most of the UK."