UK weather: Flood warnings as 60mph gales and torrential rain set to thrash Britain

4 September 2019, 10:42

The weather is set to change this week
The weather is set to change this week. Picture: Getty Images

Strong winds and thunder will hit the UK as summer crashes to an end this week.

As the summer comes to an end, the weather has been very unsettled over the past few days.

And now it looks to get even worse as powerful winds are set to sweep the UK along with torrential rain and dropping temperatures. 

Yep, get the raincoats out because Britain is bracing for 60mph gales and heavy downpours across the North and Northwest.

The Met Office says: "Heavy showers and gales in Scotland, Northern Ireland and northwest England through the day.

"Rain in southeast England to begin with, then clearing.

"Elsewhere, often windy with sunny spells and scattered showers, perhaps heavy."

By this evening, the gale-force winds could pick up to 55-60mph in some areas and by the end of the afternoon it will feel substantially cooler.’

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Showers will continue throughout the day through North West England, North West Midlands, west of Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as the “odd rumble of thunder”.

Flood alerts are in place along coasts and rivers around England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and along the west coast of Scotland.

While temperatures in the south and southeast will stay in the mid-to-high teens, this will quickly drop through the week as autumn kicks in.

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Met Office weather forecaster Aidan McGivern said: "Sunshine replaces the rain and then it's a fine day for southern England as well as much of Wales.

"But for Scotland, Northern Ireland and the far north of England outbreaks of rain or showers continue to tumble in along with an increasingly brisk wind for the north and west of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

He added: "There will be gaps in between the rain though there will be some sunshine."