Brits set for scorching four-day heatwave with highs of 30C

9 June 2021, 08:32

The UK is expected to enjoy at four-day heatwave
The UK is expected to enjoy at four-day heatwave. Picture: Getty/Met Office
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Soaring temperatures are expected to arrive across Britain this week and continuing through to the weekend.

Brits are expected to be treated to "the hottest spell of the year so far" thanks to high pressure over the Portuguese islands of Azores.

Temperatures could even raise to 30 degrees in some places, and could sit comfortably sit in the mid-20s in other areas.

For the next four-days, the heatwave will bring some much-needed joy to the nation as they return to 'normal life' after a year of lockdowns.

Temperatures could reach 30 degrees this week in some areas
Temperatures could reach 30 degrees this week in some areas. Picture: Getty

News of the heatwave comes from number of weather experts, including John Hammond of Weather Trending, who told The Sun: "It's certainly going to be the hottest spell of the year so far, specifically across the more southern and eastern parts of the UK.

"It’ll be quite muggy air too later this week. This is what’s called Tropical Maritime Air, and may well carry a fair bit of cloud."

While hot weather is on the cards, some areas will have to deal with humidity which could mean temperatures sit in the high 20s without hitting that 30C mark.

The Met Office has said that the rising temperatures could move into 'heatwave' territory
The Met Office has said that the rising temperatures could move into 'heatwave' territory. Picture: Met Office

Mr Hammond went on to add: "While temperatures will reach the mid to high 20s quite widely by then, the cloud might prevent 30C from being reached until Friday afternoon or, more likely, the weekend."

He added: "However through Saturday and Sunday, as high pressure builds across the country, 30 degrees or more is quite possible.

"The heat might hold on for one more day across the southeast on Monday, but cooler fresher air will arrive from the west early next week."

The Met Office has also confirmed a rise in temperatures across Britain, writing on their blog: "High-pressure from the Azores will extend across the bulk of the country this week, bringing predominantly settled weather and allowing temperatures to slowly rise.

"Temperatures, particularly in the south, are likely to reach the mid, to possibly high 20s of Celsius over the next few days and into the weekend."

They added that "some areas may reach heatwave criteria."

Maximum Temperatures This Week

  • Wednesday 27C
  • Thursday 27C
  • Friday 27C
  • Saturday 28C
  • Sunday 29C

What is a heatwave?

A heatwave in Britain is classed as three days in a row where maximum temperatures meet and exceed the threshold.

This threshold changes depending on the area in Britain.

  • Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, the South West and North of England – 25C
  • Lincolnshire across to Cheshire, down to Dorset and the Isle of Wight – 26C
  • The Midlands, East Anglia and the home counties is – 27C
  • London and Greater London – 28C